Get Snacky!

When that 3 p.m. craving starts to hit veto the vending machine and opt for some of these satisfying snacks.
Published April 18, 2017

Did you know that snacks are a vital part of weight loss? My seem a bit counter-intuitive, but a nibble of the good stuff can actually curb some less-than-wholesome cravings and keep your diet plans in-check Not only does healthy snacking  help to maintain blood sugar levels, snacking can keep you feeling energized and happy throughout the day – not to mention avoid any regrettable hangry outbursts. But we don’t mean just any old grub for your gob – it’s gotta be healthy, people! Train your brain to crave the good stuff and stay inspired by this awesome snack repertoire full of fabulous flavour as well as amazing nutritional benefits.

Savoury snacks

1. Cucumber stuffed with tuna

Slice a cucumber in half horizontally, remove the seeds and add tuna salad for a retro snack that satisfies any craving for crunch.

2. Salad rolls

Fill rice paper salad rolls with your favourite veggies for an addictive snack that’s super portable. Wrap salad rolls in a damp paper towel and cover with plastic wrap if they’ll be kept for longer than three hours.

3. Turkey, cheese and red pepper roll-ups

Take thinly sliced turkey, a slice of your favourite cheese, and red pepper slivers, roll everything up and what do you get? A tasty snack that satisfies until your next meal.

4. Fresh mozzarella and tomato skewers with basil, and balsamic drizzle

Cocktail-sized bocconcini, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil are a flavour trifecta and a bite-sized take on the classic Caprese salad. A drizzle of good balsamic vinegar makes the meal. Finish with cracked pepper and kosher salt.

5. Iceberg lettuce wrap with leftover chicken, shredded carrot, and tzatziki

Iceberg lettuce makes the perfect crunchy pocket for pulled leftover chicken, shredded carrots topped with a dollop of tzatziki.

6. Bean, cheese, and salsa roll-up

A warmed flour or corn tortilla makes as great base for this satisfying snack. Use canned beans and jarred salsa for convenience and top with a small sprinkling of grated cheese. Roll up and heat using the oven or microwave.

7. English muffin pesto pizzas

Your childhood English muffin pizzas get a sophisticated makeover when they’re topped with pesto, chopped sundried tomatoes and Asiago cheese. Broil in the oven or toaster oven for melted cheese heaven.

8. Marinated olives and feta with orange zest and rosemary

Spruce up your average olive mix by adding a few thick slices of orange zest and a sprig or two of fresh rosemary. Allow to marinate a few hours before enjoying your suddenly sophisticated olives.

9. Pineapple and prosciutto wraps

Craving something sweet and salty? Wrap pineapple spears with thinly sliced prosciutto and grill under the broiler for a few minutes. It’s the Hawaiian pizza snack you never knew you needed.

10. Greek yogurt, hummus, and pretzel sticks

Combine equal parts Greek yogurt and hummus (store bought or homemade) and serve as a dip for baked pretzel sticks. The Greek yogurt adds a protein boost and the hummus provides plenty of fibre and flavour.

Sweet snacks

11. Whole wheat toast with ricotta, blueberries, and honey

Toast doesn’t have to be boring when it’s topped with whipped ricotta, blueberries, and a drizzle of honey. Strawberries, peaches, and kiwis make excellent alternates if blueberries aren’t your thing.

12. Rice cakes with nut butter and banana slices

Look for toasted rice cakes as they have a sweet nutty flavour that complements the taste of nut butter and a sliced banana. These aren’t your mamas diet food, these little cakes are decadently rich.

13. Skyr parfait with raspberries and hazelnut chocolate spread

Skyr is an Icelandic dairy product similar to extra thick Greek yogurt but with an even more impressive amount of protein. Layer the skyr, raspberries, and chocolate hazelnut spread for a snack that tastes exactly like dessert.

12. Green smoothie popsicles

Have leftovers from your daily morning green smoothie? Pour the leftovers into popsicle molds to enjoy a healthy yet sweet popsicle after your next workout.

15. Frozen grapes dipped in dark chocolate

Dip green or purple grapes in melted dark chocolate, laying them on a parchment lined baking sheet as they’re finished. Freeze for several hours before indulging in this sweet treat, the grapes taste just like candy when frozen.