Get Points® for activity, your way

Your weekly Budget called—it wants to add Points for everything you do to build a stronger body. And you get to work out exactly how you work out. Allow us to explain.
Published October 21, 2021

Boost mood! Improve self-esteem! Lower risk of disease! If the benefits of staying active came in a box, it could boast all of the above. We’d also slap one more benefit on the label: Regular physical activity paired with healthier eating habits leads to 20% more weight loss.

Who doesn’t want in on that? But, first, a Q: What does physical activity actually look like?

Is it you dripping in sweat? No. is it you training for a 10K? Only if that’s your thing. Ultimately, activity looks like things that don’t necessarily have to look like working out. Daily stuff—cleaning your house, weeding your garden, chasing your dog—it all counts. Literally.

Does everybody get the same amount of Points for activity? Why do some activities add more Points than others? Will I gain weight if I spend the Points I get from activity?
No. We take into account your height, weight, age, and biological sex—as well as the type of activity you're doing and the duration—to calculate the right amount of Points you can get. A hundred calories burned walking is not the same as 100 calories burned lifting weights or running. Our algorithm understands the difference and motivates you to include a mixture of workouts.Nope. You get only a little less than half of what you burn. We’ve done the work on our end and adjusted your weekly Budget to make room for those added Points, so you’ll never add more Points than you burn.

All activity is good activity, but strength training and high-intensity activities add extra Points.
If you are living with diabetes, consult with your healthcare provider to make sure a specific activity is safe for you and to find out whether you should check your blood sugar before and/or after doing the activity.

Get. It. In!

Ways to move more

When you’re not in the mood: Try temptation bundling and pair whatever you’re putting off (say, 10 minutes of yoga) with whatever sparks joy (maybe the latest episode of that series everyone is bingeing on). Soon, those endorphins will be kicking in.