Get help for snacking (and pretty much anything else)

Here's how to get in-the-moment support for snack-tastrophies.
Published January 4, 2021

If you’ve ever wished for an SOS button when you’re really struggling not to eat that thing you only want to eat because you’re bored/stressed/tired/whatever, we’ve got you. It’s called 24/7 Live Coaching and it’s right there in the WW app. Today, Coach Jocelyn is here to make sure you’re taking advantage of one of your biggest member benefits!

Your day 20 guide

Top takeaways:

• 24/7 Live Coaching is exactly what it sounds like! There are no office hours—you can ask questions any time.

• Top questions: Finding out the SmartPoints for a new food, how to track your weight, and how weekly SmartPoints work. (But you can ask anything you want!)