Five Ways to be Less Wasteful Every Day

How to be a more conscious consumer.
Published April 21, 2018

With Earth Day on the way, it’s a great opportunity to pause and take stock of our consumption habits and look for ways we can waste less. Here are five tips to be less wasteful every day.

1. Buy quality items that will last a long time.

Tip number one comes from eco-living blogger Leslie Fischer.

“… we are a throwaway society,” she says, noting how we typically buy cheaper items that are not necessarily well made. “I lived for five years in Europe and there is a strong culture of buying very high-quality things and keeping them for a very long time. … If you want to reduce waste, buy quality items that will last you for many years.”

The next four tips come from Kathryn Kellogg of Going Zero Waste.

“I always recommend that everyone start with the big four. The big four are items commonly found in the ocean and in landfills and are easy to prevent with a little know how!” she says.

2. Stop using single-use plastic straws.

“If you like straws, you can opt for reusable straws like glass, metal, bamboo, or silicone for kids!” Kellogg suggests.

3. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

“Don't forget the reusable produce bags, too!” Kellogg says. “Most produce doesn't even need a bag.”

4. Bring a full water bottle with you before you leave the house.

“Phone, wallet, WATER, keys – good to go. If you don't like your tap water, consider investing in a water filter. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.”

5. Bring your own cup to the coffee shop.

“I like to carry a double insulated water bottle with me. You can get hot coffee to go in the same vessel, so it's one less thing to carry around.”