Five Cold Weather Destinations You Gotta See

Check out these chilly travel spots.
Published November 15, 2017

Going somewhere warm during winter is all well and good – but why not experience the season for what it really has to offer for a change? Here’s our roundup of five cold weather destinations that just might be worth the trip – some of them are even closer than you think.

Aspen, Colorado: Aspen is synonymous with winter and definitely worth consideration if you’re looking for somewhere where enjoying the cold weather is a local pastime.  This destination perfect for  avid skiers and winter sports enthusiasts.

Iceland: It feels like everybody and their dog is going to Iceland these days, and with good reason! Iceland is frequently part of great airfare deals and boasts incredible natural features, winter views of the northern lights, and a burgeoning culinary scene, this is definitely a unique place to see that should be on your travel bucket list.

Quebec City, Quebec: Some of the best cold weather destinations are right here in our own backyard – not least of which is Quebec City. Some people fall in love with winter after experiencing Quebec City, a safe, walkable city that offers old European charm, rich history, and one of the largest winter celebrations; the Quebec Winter Carnival.  

Whistler, British Columbia: Skiers and snowboarders can unite in British Columbia at iconic Whistler for what many people believe winter was made for – snow sports.

Yukon: Looking to take in the beautiful natural phenomenon of the northern lights right here in Canada? Then look no further than our western most territory; the Yukon.  Make a trek to this beautiful northern territory any time between August and April to take in an incredible free show right outside under the stars.