Fast facts about Invite a Friend!

Published July 9, 2019

You’ve heard it before, WeightWatchers is better together! Not only does doing WeightWatchers with a buddy (or spouse, parent, neighbour, or coworker!!) make the program more fun, it actually can have an impact on the scale (and your wallet!). Check out these five fast facts about our Invite a Friend program!

  1. Members who did WeightWatchers together lost more weight – 15% more - than those going it alone! That’s success you can measure.
  2. When you invite a friend to join WeightWatchers you AND your friend both get one month FREE – that’s money like in the bank!
  3. Invite a Friend is UNLIMITED! Yup, that’s right. You can invite as many friends as you want, and you get a free month for every single person who joins. Got 12 friends? That could be 12 FREE months for you!
  4. Near or far, all friends are welcome! You don’t need to be in the same location to reap the rewards of Invite a Friend. From coast-to-coast, our referral program is open to all Canadians. That’s a great deal, eh?