Essential Ways For Brides to De-Stress

How to avoid wigging out before your wedding
Published May 31, 2016

Though getting married is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times in your life, it can also get crazy stressful thanks to all of the wedding planning that’s involved with saying “I do.”

Between multiple gown fittings and the newest cake tasting, there are many things on a bride-to-be’s to-do list. That is why it’s essential for every bride-to-be to find the time to unwind and relax so that you look and feel your very best before walking down the aisle.

“It’s important to schedule time to relax where brides are just giving themselves permission to chill out,” says Toronto wedding planner Karen Garscadden of Karen G Events.

Below, she provides helpful tips on how to de-stress so you can be the calm and beautiful bride you deserve to be.

Take care of yourself
Often the simplest ways to unwind, like exercising regularly and eating well, are the best.

“Take care of yourself,” says Garscadden. “Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, exercise.” A diet high in fat often makes you feel lethargic and not able to deal with stress. Exercise is a proven way to reduce stress because it produces endorphins – feel-good hormones – which will make you feel and sleep better.

Says Garscadden: “Because if your body is healthily nourished then your face glows, your hair glows,” which is an added bonus for the big day.

Ask for help
As awesome as you are, you can’t take on everything whether you’re planning a 50-person or a 500-person wedding.

“Don’t be afraid to delegate. You should hire help whether it is an event planner or a decorator,” says Garscadden.  “A lot of brides today want to do DIY (do it yourself). They want to create their own centrepieces, they want to create their own bouquets. And, yes, as much as it is great that they have these wonderful original ideas, all the hands-on stuff that goes into it ends up becoming stressful.”

She adds, “Don’t think you have to be this super bride. Whether you hire a planner or recruit your posse of friends and family, you should ask for help.”

Get organized
With so many things to take care of before the big day, it’s imperative to keep organized. Garscadden recommends having a designated wedding hub in your home to help alleviate any stress and fear you have about forgetting something or not getting something right

“Whether it is a dining room or the corner of your bedroom, you make that your wedding hub for the months before your weekend,” says Garscadden. “So the week leading up to your wedding, you’re not wondering, ‘Where did I put my shoes? Where did I put the invitations?’ Everything has its proper place. Whenever you get anything for the wedding, it immediately goes into the wedding hub.”

Another tip? “Whatever can be done in advance, do it and then put it away,” says Garscadden. “For example, if you are doing party favours – unless you’re doing homemade cookies or something – that can all be tied and ready to go well in advance of your wedding date.”

Stick to a routine
While it’s tempting to try something different in preparation for your wedding, like a new beauty routine, Garscadden advises to refrain from being too adventurous before you walk down the aisle.

“Don’t do anything new just before the wedding,” she says. “If you haven’t had your hair straightened or coloured before, or if you haven’t had a facial before, then those aren’t the types of things you should be doing for the first time before your wedding.” So you might want to think twice before trying that new hairstyle or that new moisturizer. A disastrous haircut or a breakout will make you more stressed than before. It’s best to stick with the tried and true and keep your stress levels down.

Get pampered
Nothing beats a girls’ night to ease your exhausted mind. “Some brides plan for a girls' night, like a pamper party, where they have mani/pedis, order sushi and just relax,” says Garscadden. Consider getting a massage and a facial. Besides feeling amazing, they’re known to decrease stress levels. If possible, book a weekend trip to a scenic location. The natural setting – plus the girl talk -- will help melt your troubles away.