Enjoy the Season—Freestyle!

Talk about being merry and bright: The new program makes it easier than ever to have a happy holiday on plan.
Published December 11, 2017

We're humans, not robots, so we don't do things—or eat—the same way Every. Single. Day. That goes double, or triple, for this time of year. From the inevitable goodie-basket-from-a-vendor gracing the office kitchen to your neighbor's legendary New Year's Eve blowout to the little celebrations in between, normal eating routines can take a hit. Food (often high in SmartPoints® values and drink (ditto) abounds this time of year. How to deal? With WW FreestyleTM, of course!

Your program tools

Remember all those zero Points® foods? A surprising number of them show up in holiday dishes: shrimp cocktail, chicken teriyaki skewers, 3-bean salad, and so on. And you can round things out with zero Points crudités (the fancy way to say "raw veggies"): carrots, sweet peppers, grape tomatoes...

And work your rollovers! Up to 4 unused daily SmartPoints automatically roll over into your weekly SmartPoints, which can give you a nice nest egg (zero Points!) for that New Year's Eve bash or Christmas Eve dinner.

Check your Weekly for more festive ways to freestyle. And try these tips, too!

Be a food (and booze) snob

Remember that vendor goodie basket? Chances are those cellophane-wrapped cookies and processed-cheese wedges aren't really all that good. But that blushing-red Anjou pear or the orange jewel of a clementine will deliver juicy goodness for zero Points. Don't waste your precious SmartPoints on anything unworthy of you. Save them for your mom's awesome lasagna, or really good champagne, or whatever makes your tastebuds truly happy.

Set up for success

Heading into a party hungry often means your stomach, not your head, is leading the way straight to the buffet; so eat a low SmartPoints snack or small meal before you go. You might want to allot a certain amount of SmartPoints for the event, and even pre-track. Once you're there, keep your hands full—with a glass of bubbly (alcoholic or not) and a plate (empty or not)—and steer away from the food table. Check out these other. And if you wind up overdoing it, get back on track at your next meal and keep moving forward!