Eight Very Canadian Fall Activities

Tips to stay active and make the most of the season.
Published August 31, 2021

As it starts to get cooler, some of us may not want to spend as much time outside, but if we bundle up, there are tons of things we can do to get our activity in and enjoy the gorgeous Canadian fall colours.

Travel blogger and founder of Travelling Foodie Raymond Cua has several recommendations for fall activities.

  • Treetop Trekking: If you like adventure and want to enjoy the fall colours, you can get on a zipline and soar above the trees. If you’re in Ontario, Cua recommends Boler Mountain in London, Long Point Eco-Adventures in Norfolk County, and Treetop Trekking Ganaraska near Port Hope.
  • Hiking the Rockies
  • Go apple-picking
  • Navigate a corn maze
  • Check out local waterfalls

These are all great ways to enjoy the fall weather and get some activity in.

Snowboarding instructor Lorraine Lam says she loves the change of seasons, and Canada is one of the best places in the world to witness the transition into fall.

  • Hit the trails: “Taking to the trails and going for hikes is one of my favourite forms of activity in the fall. With summer’s heat over, you can work up a good sweat without overheating. I like to go for a few small hikes a week and generally get a long 10+ mile trek in over the weekends,” she says.
  • Stretch it out: “I also like to do some stretching and yoga outside on the patio during the fall,” says Lam. “This isn’t really possible in the winter when it’s cold, so I bundle up and take advantage of some midday sun if it’s not raining.”
  • Get social: “Playing a little basketball or tossing around a Frisbee are some other ways I like to stay active. These are also a fun way to connect with friends and do other great outdoor activities.”

“Staying active when the days get short is more challenging, but making a commitment to fitness and health can help increase your happiness along the way,” Lam says.