Easy ways to relax

Simple techniques you can do any time
Published February 9, 2022

Relaxation is perhaps more important than ever, and the good news is it might be easier to achieve than you think.

Easy ways to relax can include simple things like turning off your phone notifications sometimes, creating a short daily movement practice, and connecting with your breathing. You can do these simple things throughout the day to bring more relaxation into your life – without making a huge commitment.

“A simple way to relax and create a feeling of ease into your life is to have big blocks of time where you don’t use technology and small blocks of time where you check in and do your things you like or need to do,” says Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga and author of Clean Mind, Clean Body: A 28 Day Plan for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self-Care.

Since most of us rely on our phones for calls that can be urgent, she says, try putting your ringer on but silencing all other notifications, and putting your phone in another room.

“If it rings and you need to answer, it's there for you, but not there for the bad habit of picking it up every moment, which of course causes more stress,” she explains.

Stiles says her favourite way to relax and destress is her easygoing yoga practice, which she makes time for every morning.

“It gives me the energy and mindset I need for my day,” she says.

“Creating a daily movement practice that takes good care of you is essential. It can be five or 10 minutes in the morning, but it needs to be something. Move yourself how it feels good for you, connect your breath and body together and enjoy.”

She adds that the more often you practise the better you'll feel, and because you’re feeling better, you’ll become more excited for your practice as well.

And if you need a brief moment of relaxation during the work day, Stiles has a couple of suggestions that help you reconnect with your body and your breath.

“This may sound silly, but crawling down to the ground to all fours and rolling around a bit there, hanging in the places that feel a bit stuck, connecting with your breath and noticing how you feel is about the simplest way I have found after all this time to feel better quickly,” Stiles says. “Crawling back up easily is great, too.”

Another favourite is what Stiles calls “stop, drop and plank.”

“Of course it builds strength and focus, but when you focus on what you can let go of physically and emotionally when you are there [in plank position], so much more happens,” she says. “You can accomplish more and feel better along the way.”