An easy fit

How to incorporate WW into your life seamlessly
Published January 4, 2021

Gone are the days of laborious points tracking by pen and paper. WW has been redesigned to fit seamlessly into every lifestyle.

The new myWW+ app is chock-full of tools to help make tracking a breeze, from the extensive food database to a cache of more than 5,600 recipes, to the barcode scanner and the What’s In Your Fridge feature. And, you can even tell Siri to track your SmartPoints for you.

“The amazing thing about tracking is it takes two seconds!” says Toronto-based coach Kelly S. “Sometimes I pre-track if I know what I am having later, and sometimes I do it right before or after [a meal]. I don’t have a distinct way of tracking, I do what works best for me in the moment.”

You can track whenever is most convenient for you. If you have a busy day ahead, a lot of WW coaches suggest pre-tracking, as Kelly sometimes does. You can also pre-track when you’re meal prepping, because you’ll know what you’re going to be eating for the day or week ahead.

“I think the beauty of WW is there is no such thing as ‘bad food’, ‘good food’, ‘cheat days’ et cetera,” Kelly adds. “Everything is on plan, and we are encouraged to incorporate everything, holiday treats, wine and all! It is unrealistic to think we will never eat or drink certain things again, so you track them the way you would anything else and make your other choices work around them.”

With its water tracker, workouts, meditations, sleep tools, and progress reports, the app is a one-stop shop for all your health and fitness data. You can sync your wearables, such as a fitness tracker watch, and check in each week for progress reports to see how you’re doing on your goals. Everything you need to help you achieve your health and fitness goals is in one place – and when you need a pick-me-up, there are new 5-minute coaching segments to help.

Coach Kelly sums it up: “I think the most important thing to know is that WW is so truly lifechanging in a way that is not overwhelming. We give you every tool you will need in your toolbox that really makes it fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around. I hear a lot that people are worried about their lifestyle changing, and when you realize that the ‘you’ that is inside waiting to come out and feel your best is so close and so possible, it is the most worthwhile decision of your life! Guaranteed!”