Dr. Allison’s #1 tip for success

If you do nothing else today, check out Connect.
Published December 15, 2020

Hi there, it's Allison. Quick questions...

Do you want to learn practical tips for recipes, workouts, and overcoming stuck points?

Check out Connect.

Love being cheered on by others who want you to succeed?

Check out Connect.

Prefer to keep to yourself while covertly getting inspiration from others?

Check out Connect!

You’re sensing a theme here, I can tell. Connect is our private social network, only for members, and one of my favorite parts of the WW experience. It’s safe, supportive and totally REAL.

Many social media platforms seem to be about highlight reels, so it’s no wonder we’re sometimes left feeling like we don’t measure up (hint: no one does). Yes, there’s a lot of celebrating and encouragement on Connect—we’d have it no other way! But it’s also a place where people feel safe letting their guard down.

Research shows that understanding how other people are doing, progressing, struggling, and persevering can have a profound impact on our own journey.

I’m focused on me. Why should I connect with strangers?

I’m glad you asked! When others share experiences we can relate to, we’re more likely to learn from them. When we notice people who are similar to us having successes or figuring out challenges, we start believing that we can too. And when we’re reminded that others are out there taking their after-dinner walks, tracking what they eat, and moving through setbacks, we’re more likely to feel a sense of accountability to the goals we set for ourselves.

How do I find Connect?

Open your app and tap the icon that looks like a group of people at the bottom right side. Then at the top you’ll see a carousel of all the different groups to choose from! It’s really fun.

What do I say?

Now, if you think you want to post but aren’t sure what to say, you’re not alone. Feel free to try one of my favorite ice breakers:

Unsure but undeterred: Hi everyone! I have no idea what to expect on here but I’m giving it a whirl anyway. What’s your favorite thing about Connect?

Just the facts, ma’am: Does anyone have a great recipe for pumpkin soup?

The cheerleader: Nice work Mary! (Assuming Mary—yes, a total stranger—just shared that she lost her first 10 pounds. She’ll appreciate it so much!).

Dive in and see for yourself. Have a great week! I’ll see you on Connect!