Define your "Why"

Make it specific, make it realistic—and make weight loss happen!
Published January 19, 2018

Getting motivated to lose weight and live healthier is one thing; staying motivated—that's quite another. But a powerful, personal "why" can be the wind at your back, keeping you going even when things get tough.

Goal vs. Why

Your "why" isn't generally the same as your goal; you might have a specific "weight-I'd-like-to-be" (goal) but your reasons for wanting to be at that specific weight are your "why." Another way to get at your "why" is to ask yourself: "What are the benefits of getting to that goal number on the scale?" One of those will likely pop out as the main driver for your journey.

Elements of "why"

Your Weekly can get you started with three prompts to help you create a personal, powerful "why."  A few things to keep in mind as you do so:

Be as specific as you can. Maybe you want to get back into a certain clothing size or be able to participate in a certain activity that you're not quite able to tackle right now. Name it.

Frame it positively. “I want to be able to ride a rollercoaster,” rather than “I don’t want to have to sit out the rides at the amusement park” will give your "why" more power.

Make it personal. Focus on what resonates with your life rather than a generic motivator. (If you live in Alaska, maybe "feeling comfortable in a swimsuit" won't do it for you!)

Keep in touch

The more targeted and customized your "why," the more power it will have to motivate you along the way. But remember to check in often with your "why," especially since it might change over time, as you reach goals and/or your priorities change. Want some inspiration? See what has motivated other members.