David and Siobhan

Published June 11, 2019

Siobhan (left) and David (right) WW members.



As relative WW newbies, dad David and daughter Siobhan have been working the program together (along with David’s wife and Siobhan’s mom Sharon, a Lifetime member) to achieve their wellness goals. David, a member for five months, retired from the natural gas engineering field four years ago. A marathon runner into his forties, when he put down the running shoes, he picked up the bagpipes, and has been involved in the scene ever since! Siobhan, a mom of two boys, wife, and nurse, began her wellness journey in early 2019, inspired in part by her dad’s success. “I would have to admit that I am a daddy’s girl and generally turn to him, for anything I need help with – apparently even with a healthy lifestyle!” says Siobhan. Growing up in a small town north of Toronto, the pair have always been close. “Siobhan and I have always had a great relationship, even during the teenage years!” says David.  “We have always been very close and supportive of each other’s endeavours. As a father, I am proud of all of Siobhan’s accomplishments, personal, professional, and family.” Together, they are building healthy habits for real life.


WW: What’s your ‘why” for joining WW?

David: To enjoy life with Sharon (my wife) and to hopefully play the bagpipes at my grandchildren’s weddings!

Siobhan: I want to be able to keep up with my kids, and I want my kids to have a healthy view of their bodies, something I struggled with until after my second son (and still have to deal with). I was never a healthy kid or teen, and I want my boys to be able to avoid that if possible. Both of my parents have lost lots of weight on WW, and they have been an inspiration for me.


WW: How has the program changed your life?

David: Big time. I’ve lost about 40 pounds, and I am feeling the health benefits.

Siobhan: Seeing the success of my parents and how they navigate the program has really given me the hope and strength that I can do this for myself. I’m still in the early days of my journey, but I feel that the program provides me with a base that I can always fall back on. I know it’s a long journey and I will never be ‘done.’ I think WW helps me realize how to live a balanced healthy life (and not to freak out about all the things life throws at me) I know I will be able to pass this on to my boys and hopefully give them the tools as I get older.


What do you think is key to your success on the program?

David: In a nutshell, logging everything I eat and being aware of SmartPoints values.

Siobhan: I love the app and the scanner, it helps with the ease of tracking. I can track in the middle of the night, on night shift, or immediately when I pack my lunch. I love the scanner because it helps shed light on some of the foods I would have eaten without a thought prior to joining, and lets me chose if it’s worth it for me. Also, having both my parents on the program helps with any questions or concerns I have. I know I always have a sounding board I can call for help!