Connect Video FAQ

All about posting videos on Connect.
Published October 13, 2017

We are happy to announce that you now have the ability to upload videos to Connect!

Here we have compiled some general questions and troubleshooting tips to help you use this new feature!


Who can post on Connect?

Any subscribing member can access videos in Connect (mobile app only).

Where can I find Weight Watchers Canada videos?

Follow or Search for @wwcanada to see video posts from our official Weight Watchers Canada Connect profile.

Where can I find videos from other members?

Videos will appear in the Connect feeds (trending, new, following) just like any other posts. You will be able to tell that a post is a video in the feed because it will autoplay in the feed or will show a play button on top of it (depending on your settings).

How do I post/upload a video?

To share a video:

  1. Tap Share with us… on iOS or the Floating Action Button (three dots) on Android.
  2. Tap Add photo or video.
  3. Tap Capture to record a new video, or choose a video from your gallery.
  4. Tap Continue.
  5. Tap Post and stay in the app until the post is complete.

How can I control who sees my videos?

You have the option to make all of your posts, including your videos, private so that only members you accept as followers can see your videos. To do this:

  1. Tap Your Profile.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Connect Settings.
  4. Tap Privacy Settings.
  5. Select Private Profile.

What kind of videos should I post?

Connect members thrive on positivity, but they also love honest posts about what you're working on! Help each other stay inspired by sharing videos about both your successes and struggles.

Will videos be live?

No — the functionality for live videos doesn't exist yet. Any videos you see on Connect will be pre-recorded before being posted.

How can I discover more videos?

You can always discover more videos right from the video player view. Just tap a video from the Connect feed to enter the player view. After you’re done watching this video, scroll down to find more video recommendations. Don’t like one? Scroll to the next! Discover as many videos as you like, and when you’re done, just exit the player view, and we’ll put you right back where you left off in the Connect Feed.

Can I like and comment on videos?

Yes! Just like any other post in Connect, you can like the video or comment on it either from the Connect Feed or right from the video player view. Just tap the heart icon or the comment icon.

Commenting takes you away from the video for a minute, but don’t worry — after submitting your comment, we’ll put you right back where you left off.

Are videos available on Connect web as well?

Unfortunately, videos are only available in Connect through the mobile app right now.


The video isn’t playing on my phone, what should I do?

In order to watch a video that you find in the Connect feed with sound, you will need to tap on that video to enter the player view. Once there, the video should begin loading and start playing in just a few seconds. If the video doesn’t play automatically, you might need to tap play. You can always exit the player and start again.

If you continue to experience problems with playback or videos being slow to load, try connecting to Wi-Fi and watching videos that way rather than on data.

Why can’t I hear sound?

If you’re in the Connect feed, sound is disabled, though you may see the video start to autoplay. Tap the video to enter into the player experience in order to hear sound. Once you’re in the player view, sound will be forced on, but make sure your volume is up.

Can I turn video autoplay off so that I don’t use up my data?

If you’re worried about using too much data to download and autoplay the videos, you can turn the autoplay feature off by going to: Profile > Settings > Connect Settings and toggling the option for Video Autoplay. Now you can tap to play only the videos that you want to watch.

Why is it taking so long to upload my video?

Check that you have a strong network connection and then retry posting. The shorter your video, the faster it’ll post.

My video never showed up in my profile. Where did it go?

If you quit or logged out of the app and your video didn’t finish uploading, then try uploading it again. Make sure to stay in the app while it uploads. The shorter your video, the faster it’ll post.

What if I find a video offensive?

Connect thrives on positivity, so if you find a member’s video offensive, you can report it as inappropriate in the WW mobile app by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of their post.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still view the videos?

Unfortunately, Connect videos are only available in the mobile app.

How can I find a video later?

If you like a video that was posted from the @wwcanada profile, you can always follow that profile or use search to find it again. If you like a video shared from another user, follow or search for that user. Currently we do not have the ability to bookmark or save videos in Connect.