Connect Groups FAQ

Published November 1, 2018

1. What are Groups?

Groups are a great way to take your Connect conversations and relationships even further. Use them to inspire healthy habits and provide support to other members with similar interests and on common paths. We’ve created groups based on the following:

  • Food (e.g., foodies, meal prep, vegan, vegetarian)
  • Identity (e.g.,Moms, bros, brides & grooms, students)
  • Wellness Journey (e.g., newbies, maintaining, turtle club, goal setting)
  • Activity (e.g., running, yoga, walking, gym)
  • Mindset (e.g., gratitude, mindfulness, my why, back on track)
  • Hobbies (e.g., pets, traveling, crafts, reading)


2. How do I join a group?

 Tap “Find a Group,” then tap on the category you’re interested in, or just type in the group name you’re looking for in the search bar within the “Find a Group” section of the app.


3. Can I join more than one group?

Yes—we have a variety of groups so dive in and start sharing!


4. How do I view a group I joined?

You’ll be able to see all your groups at the top of your Connect feed.


5. How do I leave a group?

Go to the Group Info page by tapping “info” on the top right of your Group feed. Once there, you can leave any of your groups by tapping “Leave Group.”


6. How do I post to a group?

Within the group, tap the posting banner at the top of the feed.


7. How do I like and comment in a group?

You can like a group post by tapping the heart icon at the bottom of each post or by double tapping the post. Comment by tapping the word bubble icon at the bottom of each post.



8. If I post in my group, will it show on Connect?

If you post in a group, it won’t show in the Trending, New, and Following tabs on Connect. The group post will remain private to group members only.


9. If I post in my group, will it show up on my profile page?

If you post in a group, it will not show on your profile. The group post will remain private to group members only.



10. How should I interact with my Group Admin?

Your Group Admin will help spark conversations throughout the week. Feel free to ask them about any group topics.


11. How should I interact with my @WWSupportCA?

WWSupportCA is our official support account for WW Canada. You may find them in the comments section of posts or posting about WW App and Connect updates. 


12. What if I have program related questions?

All program-related questions should be directed to 24/7 Expert Chat, Customer Care (1-800-651-6000), or @WWSupport (monitored between 8am – 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).

For technical, account or billing support, please contact 24/7 Expert Chat or Customer Care at 1-800-651-6000.


13. How do I become a Group Admin?

We’re always accepting applications for Group Admins!. Please email


14. What if I want to start my own group?

At the moment, there is no function to create your own group.


15. I have a great idea for a new group. How do I suggest it? How can I suggest a Group?

Please share ideas for new groups by creating a post with the idea and emailing



16. How do I report someone in my group?

To report a member’s comment, on iOS swipe left and on Android do a long press to report.

To report a member’s post, click on the three dot menu and tap “Report Inappropriate”.