Celebrate Your Success Beyond the Scale!

Losing weight isn’t all about the number you see when you’re weighing yourself. Make sure you celebrate the other achievements that make you feel great, too.
Published January 30, 2017

Watching those numbers go down when you step onto the scales can give you a huge sense of accomplishment – but weight loss isn’t just about where the needle lands from week to week. Remember to celebrate your non-scale victories, too, as this will boost your self-esteem. So, feel free to have a little celebration whenever the following things happen (or make an achievement list that’s personal to you):

  • you stay on track for a whole week
  • your waistband feels looser
  • you’ve tried a new Weight Watchers recipe
  • you drop a dress size
  • your body measurements have changed
  • you’ve tried a new activity or sport
  • you wake up with more energy
  • you can get back into your favourite jeans
  • you notice your fitness has improved
  • you feel more confident about meeting new people
  • you’ve faced a fear, like speaking in public
  • you can accept a compliment about your weight loss

Looking for ideas to celebrate your success? Treat yourself to lunch somewhere special, where you can make informed choices to stay on track, take a day trip with a friend, or go somewhere new, such as a museum or art gallery. The more you enjoy your non-scale success, the more you’ll want to continue your weight-loss journey.