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Tracking is one of the most important tools for weight loss. Here's how we can help.
Published September 10, 2017

Keep a record of what you eat and drink and you'll do more to succeed at weight loss than almost anything else. Tracking keeps you accountable, mindful, and knowledgeable. You’re more likely to make positive food choices when you’ve committed to writing down every bite you eat (even on days you go over your SmartPoints® Budget). And as your Weekly points out, you're better able to choose what foods are "worth it" to you!

The good thing is, you don’t have to be perfect—it’s more important to be consistent and to give tracking your best shot. your portions, if you’re not able to weigh and measure them, is fine. Skipping a meal is fine—so long as you get back in the saddle at your next meal or as soon as you can. To help you with tracking, we have a bunch of resources, literally at your fingertips.

Your tracking toolbox

On our website: This is your online home base, with access to a SmartPoints Tracker, with a Quick Add feature. Plus, there's a Recipe Builder, weight tracker, and more. You can “favourite” meals you eat regularly for easier tracking, look up offerings from hundreds of popular restaurants, and add recipes right to your tracker.

Our mobile app: Take your Tracker and other tools wherever you go by downloading the app to your smartphone. You’ll also have a nifty Barcode Scanner (to look up and instantly track SmartPoints values of packaged foods). There’s even a voice-activated search that’s integrated with the Tracker. Just tap the microphone icon on the keyboard in the app’s search bar, say what food you’re looking for and tap the results to track instantly. Track within your "Healthy Eating Zone" and you'll get a blue dot to mark the day! Post your triumph on Connect with the #bluedotchallenge hashtag!

Old-school pen and paper: You can pick up a SmartPoints Tracker free in your meeting room. This handy booklet is easy to stash in a purse or book and offers an easy, at-a-glance way to log SmartPoints values.