Blog Post 7: We’re married!

Published August 23, 2018

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since we’ve tied the knot. Wedding planning went well, and we’re so happy with the result of our big day.


Immediately following our wedding we were able to celebrate our marriage in New Orleans during our honeymoon.


Did we indulge? YES! Our goal for wedding and honeymoon was maintaining. This may seem counterintuitive but during high-stress times maintaining is a great way to not have a huge setback on the scale.


Our goal for maintaining during the honeymoon included:



Yes, it would have been easier to take an Uber but with indulging a bit extra we tried consciously to add extra steps in every day. We hit about 20,000 a day!


2. Attempt to intuitively eat zero Points® foods as much as possible

When we looked at a menu we tried to choose meals that had the most 0 SmartPoints foods.  New Orleans had plenty of fish and seafood options on every menu.


3. Only finish large servings that were worth it

Eating out tends  always to be associated with larger servings. For us, we decided only to finish a meal if it really felt unique or worth it.


Now that we’re back and getting back into our routine our biggest piece of advice to get back on track is:



  • We use a grocery online ordering system, which let us book our grocery pick-up while waiting for our luggage at the airport!

No eating out!

  • We instantly put the breaks on eating out and focused on cooking foods on our own. This gave us the power to be back within our points.

Get to a meeting!

  • When returning from vacation and getting back on-track we would highly recommend getting advice from a meeting our using Connect or Instagram to get motivation for being back on track.


We are so thankful for everyone’s love and support. Here are a few pics from our big day!