Blog Post 5: Scott Suits Up

Published March 27, 2018

This month it was time for me as the groom to head out on my own and make some tough decisions on what to wear for the wedding.

Shopping for clothes has always been something I’ve been uncomfortable with. Ask Mieke how many times I’ve simply grabbed a shirt or pants off the shelf, bought them, and hoped for the best when I got home. With losing weight I’ve begun to feel more confident to try things. It’s a good thing too as it’s too risky to hope something will fit since my body is changing so much.

As a chef I have a uniform, and at home I wear comfy clothes. Suits and ties are not typically in the equation.  So, I was worried for making the transition, especially in a store I never thought would carry a size that would fit me.

My best man Adrian and I headed out this month with a bit of inspiration (shoes and vest already purchased) and tried on some jackets and pants. I couldn’t believe it when I was down two pant sizes and could wear a tailored fit. Now, the colour of the jackets are not what we went with but the fit and look are definitely what the look will incorporate.

Overall I got a better sense of how my body actually looks to others and hope Mieke will be proud of me when we stand up in July to take our vows. I’m still getting used to my new body but I’m feeling better about it every day.

The Suit

Can’t believe the changes I’ve made!

The Vest:

The Shoes

Dress shoes, nah… I’m more me in Adidas.