Blog Post 4: The Planning Process

Published March 1, 2018

WOW! It’s really happening; we’re planning a wedding which is just shy of five months away.

For us, the last month has included planning, lists, organization, and more lists. With the trusty help of a wedding planning binder we received as an engagement gift, we’ve been able to slowly build our theme, while making sure we don’t forget anything.

The most fun part has been finding inspiration online in pictures and putting them together, to envision what our special day will look like. This also means sharing our ideas with our family and friends, plus crossing our fingers that everyone likes it as much as we do.

We’re thankful that our planning has allowed us to not become too stressed; however as any bride and groom to be can attest too, we’ve had a few days where the busyness has slightly impacted our food choices. For us, the lists and planning of the wedding are equally important to apply while following Weight Watchers.

Every Sunday, Scott and I sit down with our handy weekly meal planning sheet and go through our fridge and freezer to brainstorm meals we want. We then focus in on the specific groceries we need to ensure we’re not overbuying (gotta stay on budget for that wedding) plus not buying extra snack items we may grab in a moment of stress.

A huge help has been using a grocery service which allows you to order what you need on your phone and then pick it up without having to go into the store. This has helped me avoid those impulse buys and has cut down drastically on our grocery spend.