Blog: Post 3: The Dress

Published January 19, 2018

I think a lot of us can relate to the fear of finding and trying on new clothes. Now, visualize adding your mom, sister, aunt, and best friends to the dressing room, and you get WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING.

This month I ventured into the world of bridal couture and attempted to find my perfect dress. Three stores, 18 dresses, a new dress vocabulary all led me to shouting “ I found the one!”

I’ve been maintaining my 50-pound weight loss since May 2017, but have yet to upgrade my wardrobe, let alone buy something as fancy as a wedding dress.

Weight loss can be a curious thing. Although we use the scale to measure our success, it doesn’t always match up as quickly in our minds to what we see in the mirror. That’s why Weight Watchers incorporates a focus on mindfulness to the program, which encourages us to look at different ways to measure success: like energy, change in sleep patterns, increased interest in activity, and recognizing how we feel in our own body. By increasing the awareness to these alternative means of success, it has been easier for me to recognize just how many changes I’ve made.

I’m a jeans and t-shirt type girl, so the thought of all attention on me while trying on dresses was initially overwhelming. I had no clue what I was getting into. There were a number of styles, colours, cuts, and necklines, which were all new to me.

I knew I would drift away from ball gowns and likely focus on finding something a bit simpler. I learned that this style is called a sheath dress, but rather than being shy about trying on only one type of dress I used my new found confidence from Weight Watchers and tried on all styles. Can you believe a style called mermaid, which I had never considered would be my style, actually looked good on me! I was in shock. Although I had lots of compliments on dresses and advice on types I should wear, I stuck to my gut and found something that was perfectly me… plus, comfortable. Weight Watchers has given me the self-assurance to know what feels good and what doesn’t and the power to stand up for what I want.

Unfortunately, you will all have to wait until July 28 to see the real dress. Now, let’s hope I can keep the secret from Scott. I’m not good at keeping secrets.

Here are my three steps for making weight loss success easier to accept:

1.     Take pictures and measurements

This gives you measurable ways to see how specific parts of your body have changed. Creating before and after pictures gives you a wonderful visualization to see these changes side-by-side. Share them on Connect and inspire others with the hashtag #transfromationtuesday or #facetofacefriday.

2.     Keep a journal

Write down how you feel you’ve changed; what new activities you’ve tried or the signs your body has made. By speaking about how much your life has changed for the better, you can refer back to the positive effects of following Weight Watchers in moments that feel more difficult.

3.     Choose one or two pieces of clothing to use as an anchor

I have three articles of clothing I’ve kept since I started my weight loss journey to use and to remember how I’ve changed. It’s great to try them on and feel just how loose they are in areas that used to be tight and painful to wear.