Blog Post 2: Setting the Date

Published December 15, 2017

Wow, we can’t believe we’ve been engaged for three months!

Right after our engagement we went out for a wonderful dinner (as, we mentioned we love food), which we enjoyed and were ready to bounce back to being on plan the next day.

What came next was a series of invitations to celebrate our engagement, which all involved food! Champagne, cake, lunch, and dinner out. We were surrounded by our favourite foods and heck it felt like we should celebrate.

As Weight Watchers members  we came to our senses quickly and recognized that celebrations don’t always have to involve food. So, instead of dinner out with friends we opted for tea at our place, an afternoon at the archery range or a mani-pedi catch-up!

It was wonderful to celebrate with our friends and family but we were grateful to be able to lean on each other to recognize we had to make a change. Not following Weight Watchers with someone? Jump on Connect, the 24/7 chat or attend a meeting to get that same support.

We’re also so excited that WW FREESTYLE came on the scene to reinvigorate our tracking and mindfulness with food.

With Scott being a professional chef I challenged him to consider making five 5 SmartPoints or fewer meals. Here is what he came up with:

White Bean Tuna Salad and Crackers on Lettuce & Peppers (4SmartPoints)

  • New zero Points Freestyle foods used – tuna (packed in water), white kidney beans, fat free plain yogurt
  • SmartPoints used –  white balsamic vinegar (2 SmartPoints)  and corn crackers (2 SmartPoints)

Black Bean Turkey Burgers (4 SmartPoints)

  • New zero Points Freestyle foods used – 99% fat free ground turkey and black beans
  • SmartPoints used –bun (2 SmartPoints)  and cheese slice (1 SmartPoint)

Green Curry Chicken Noodle Bowl (1 SmartPoint)

  • Skinny Pasta  fettuccini noodles (0 SmartPoints)
  • New zero Points Freestyle foods used – chicken breast and 0% fat free plain yogurt
  • SmartPoints used - Green curry paste (1 SmartPoint)

Chimichurri Chicken with Chayote and Bell Peppers (1 SmartPoint)

  • New zero Points Freestyle foods used – chicken breast
  • Veggies – 0 SmartPoints
  • SmartPoints  used– 1 SmartPoints for white balsamic vinegar

Breakfast for Dinner Egg Frittata (5 SmartPoints)

  •  New zero Points Freestyle foods used – eggs
  • SmartPoints  used – 2 Tbsp. of fat free sour cream (1 SmartPoint)  and light cream cheese (3 SmartPoints)

Through all of this fun incorporating Freestyle into our new day-to-day routine we were also faced with the decision: WHEN DO WE GET MARRIED?

Well, we’re happy to say we’ve set a date of July 28, 2018. Our theme? The food? The dress? The rings? Well all of that will come in due time and we’re excited to be able to share more next month when we decide what we want to see in a wedding! The reality that we’re getting married in SEVEN MONTHS has started to set in. See you next month!