Blaine and Kelsee

Published June 11, 2019

Dad and daughter Blaine and Kelsee work hard and play hard. Working together in the high-stress job of commercial truck sales while also keeping horses and riding around the world keeps the family busy. Blaine, an on and off WW member since 1997, and Kelsey a member for nearly 10 years have worked the program together to help them reach their goals, with a bit of friendly competition to boot.


WW: What is your “why” for joining WW?

Blaine: I simply needed help and a regime to direct me.  As we know, without a map, you don’t have a destination.

Kelsee: I used to be a runner and [was] very fit before a knee injury and lifestyle change. Now I just want to feel strong and fit again and this is a great start to it or me.



WW: How has working the program together helped along your journey?

Blaine: We have set our Fitbits up so we can see each other, as well as some friends.  If we are feeling lazy, we take a look to see if the other is active, so I get active [too].  It is not out of the ordinary for us to each have 140 FitPoints at the end of the week.

Kelsee: The program works wonders; my issue is sticking to it but I’m doing my best and on the right path.



WW: What activities do you do together that make the program work?

Blaine: Our family is very active socially which, is part of the problem.  We as a family probably do too many things together.  We sometimes act more like siblings than father-daughter, LOL. But yes, we do keep each other moving and do our best to make sure the other one isn’t falling prey to the bad food that surrounds everyone all the time.

Kelsee: We do way too much together and a lot of it is very active. We also like to challenge each other to Fitbit races and weekly step challenges which are very motivating because we both hate to lose.



WW: How has the program changed your life?

Blaine: It has given me direction. I am very short-term goal oriented, so a bad week is simply a bad week.  There is always the coming week to work hard on.  My health is better, and my clothes fit fantastic.  General overall happiness comes from the feeling of control you have when things are going your way. WW simply fills that void and helps you create a plan and achieve your goals. Which makes life a little smoother.

Kelsee: It makes me so much more aware of the food I’m eating and a big one for me was how many SmartPoints alcohol is. It really changed the way I eat and drink. Now I know if I’m out of daily SmartPoints and I want a glass of wine with dinner I need to check my FitPoints and probably go for a good walk first.



WW: What do you think is key to your success on the program?


Blaine: Activity. I have had weeks where I follow my SmartPoints budget and not lose.  Then I kick the activity up and the weight falls off.  More movement equals more success.  Well, who knew?  Diet and exercise work!

Kelsee: The key is just sticking to it, even if you have an off day (or five) you need to just get back to the program, keep tracking and you will see progress.



WW: What is your favourite WW tool?


Blaine: The app of course, closely followed by Jeff our coach.  Not saying Jeff is a tool by any means, he is simply a good coach.

Kelsee: Syncing the app with my Fitbit is a big one for me. I know if I keep my steps up, I get a few extra FitPoints. I can get stuck in my car or at my desk sometimes, so the Fitbit and the app remind me to go for a walk.