Back on Track

Slipped up? Join the club. Live, learn and move on!
Published March 3, 2016

Nobody's perfect. (Big shocker, right?) So why do we beat ourselves up so much for making mistakes, especially when it comes to weight loss? Instead of aiming for perfection, anticipate setbacks—even little ones—and plan to learn from them. Being able to forgive ourselves and accept our mistakes is a valuable part of the journey, and crucial to long-term success.

Let’s be honest: Sometimes you’re going to eat a food without first asking yourself, “Is this worth the SmartPointsTM value?” Or you’re going to miss a workout (or two or three). Or you’re going to do things, like skipping breakfast or leaving the house without a healthy snack, that can trigger an unhealthy choice later when you’re passing by the burger joint/bakery/candy store. It’s what you do next that matters.

There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.

This quote is a popular refrain at meetings, with good reason: It reminds us that disguised in every setback are valuable insights. A slip-up can leave you feeling ashamed, and even stuck. No matter what, be kind to yourself, and turn your negative thoughts around. Recognize that it’s a learning experience, showing you what not to do—and what you might do instead. If, for instance, you find that the scale’s not budging, it could be because you’ve slipped on tracking, or portioning. Look back to a time when you were rocking the plan and take it from there. 

Start getting back on track right away, with something as simple and small as drinking a glass of water or planning your next meal. If you realize that you’re losing your motivation—and late winter can be a challenging time—give yourself a jolt of something fresh and new. It can help you come back to your plan with your mojo renewed. When you’re back in the groove, think about the circumstances that led to the slip-up. How can your tools, like the app and the support of other members, help you avoid it in the future?