Apps to make your life easier

Feel better, get more organized, and achieve your goals.
Published September 2, 2019 | Updated November 4, 2022

Our phones are full of apps to entertain us and distract us, but there are tons of apps out there that can help make our lives easier – whether it’s achieving our fitness goals, making (and following) to-do lists or getting healthier.

“As a mom and serial entrepreneur, life is hectic for me,” says Rachel Goodlad, owner of Moxie’s Outlet in Texas. “I have to use apps to stay organized and keep the chaos under control.”

Staying organized

For staying organized, Goodlad likes the Do! App. “Once you put in your to-do list items and the deadline, it pushes notifications to your phone that repeat until you finish the item or set a new deadline,” she says.

Liz Hamilton, director of marketing at Mobile Klinik, also recommends Todoist, to maximize your productivity.

“Let’s face it – we all have a lot going on. From our social life to our personal life to our work life, we can be very busy and have a lot on our minds all at once, so we need all the help we can get when it comes to organization and productivity. Todoist is an amazing productivity app because it allows users to organize all of their tasks by priority and theme, so everything is in order.”

She adds that the app tracks your progress over time, making it great for those who thrive on achievement, and it can plug in to other apps like Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Amazon Alexa.

Managing subscriptions

If you’ve ever found it difficult to keep track of all your online subscriptions, you might want to give Butter a try.

“We help consumers track and organize their subscriptions and give them 1-per-cent cashback on consumers’ subscriptions as well,” says Butter co-founder Derek Szeto.

Going paperless

For keeping your documents organized, Goodlad recommends Apple’s Scanner Pro app. “[It] is one of my favourite business apps,” she says. “It works like a scanner on your phone.”

On Google Play, you can try CamScanner to get your paper documents online quickly.

And if you are keeping track of your receipts for budgeting purposes or if you have to submit expense reports for work, Smart Receipts might be helpful to you. The app, , scans your receipts, tracks them and can help you create expense reports and export them as different file types.

Shopping smarter

Goodlad recommends the Think Dirty app, which scans product barcodes to tell you about potentially toxic ingredients and help you find cleaner alternatives.

“You would be surprised what you find in everyday household products,” Goodlad says.

Staying healthy

With a database of more than 63,000 foods and a barcode scanner, the WW App helps you easily track what you eat to lose weight or just get healthier. The app also offers more than 6,500 recipes for you to try, guided meditations, workouts, fitness tracking, and community support.