All About WW Freestyle

Our easiest, most flexible program yet.
Published December 14, 2017

WW Freestyle is our most flexible program yet. With more than 200  ZeroPointsTM foods, losing weight while eating the foods you love has never been easier.

SmartPoints has been incredibly successful in helping members to eat better while losing weight, but we are always looking to make the program even simpler, healthier, and more livable for you. Our newest program takes the SmartPoints system you know and love and bumped up the benefits even more! 

We've kept what works
The SmartPoints system still works the same—as long as you have the SmartPoints to spend, you can eat what you like.

More choices
We've greatly expanded the list of zero SmartPoints foods, including ones you wouldn’t expect like chicken, fish, eggs, corn, beans, and more. See the entire list here!

Less counting and tracking
Now, you don't have to track or measure any food that is zero SmartPoints!

More flexibility
You can also use fewer SmartPoints one day and roll over up to four unused SmartPoints into your bank of weeklies for a day when you need them.

Great weight loss
In clinical trials, members saw great weight loss on WW Freestyle, even without tracking zero Points® foods!

So how does it work?

The same foods that were zero SmartPoints in the previous plan are still zero—but now we’ve greatly expanded the list!

ZeroPoints foods include:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Skinless chicken breast
  • Skinless turkey breast
  • Nonfat, unsweetened yogourt
  • Eggs
  • Beans, peas, lentils, tofu, and corn
  • Fish
  • All seafood like shrimp, lobster, mussels, oysters

These foods don’t need to be tracked or measured so you can spend less time planning, tracking, and counting, and more time enjoying food and your life. In a carefully monitored clinical trial, members still reported great weight loss, even without tracking these foods.

Introducing Rollovers

When it comes to eating, Mondays are usually pretty different from Saturdays. Rollovers give you the flexibility to use fewer SmartPoints one day and roll over up to four into your weekly Budget for a day when you need them.   

Do What Moves You

WW Freestyle encourages you to move more for pleasure–not just because you “should.” Doing what you enjoy is the key to making activity part of your life. And when combined with eating better, increasing your activity can lead to 20% greater weight loss than changing your eating habits alone.

If fitness isn’t already a part of your regular routine, we’ll help you find activities you love so you can make moving more a healthy habit. If you’re already active, we’ll help you set goals and find challenges to keep you going strong.

Change the Thoughts That Hold You Back

With WW Freestyle, we’ll offer member-tested and backed-by-science techniques to help you change the thoughts that hold you back. You’ll reconnect with your “why,” so that you never lose sight of what sparked you to make a healthy change and learn skills that can help you stay motivated for the long haul. These are techniques you can keep coming back to again and again to see how you’re evolving and growing.