9 Products That Make Grilling Stress-Free, Mess-Free, and Delicious

Grilling: totally tasty. Also grilling: kinda intimidating. These goods and gadgets let you have your juicy burgers and eat them too.
Published June 6, 2022
Remember the kids’ game The Floor Is Lava? There’s an adult version that kicks off every cookout season—except the floor is the grill and, whoops, we just lost a slider. (RIP, little buddy.) Grilling may be a summer pastime, but it comes with its fair share of anxiety. More specifically, WW members have told us they want to boost their grill skills and confidence. That’s why we’re coming in hot with solutions: new essentials to prep, cook, and serve—mess-free and stress-free—plus Points®-friendly recipe inspo, from traditional meals to out-there fare (fruit! cookies! pizza!). So sharpen your tool kit, fire up your taste buds, and follow the flame. You’ve got this.

First Step: Prep

1. WW Year-Round Grilling Cookbook

Think beyond the bun. The WW Year-Round Grilling cookbook includes 110 recipes for all the regulars (meat, poultry, fish) plus unexpected grillables, like cookies, lasagna, and apple pie. You’ll also get tips and tricks for preparing a grill, picking the right tools, and more. Scan the QR codes to seamlessly track Points® for each recipe!

2. Shape+Store Burger Master

Designed to make homemade burgers easier than ever, the Burger Master goes beyond the single burger press by instantly shaping and storing a batch of eight burger patties. This tool helps you prepare ahead so you’ll have homemade delicious burgers ready to grill later in the week.

3. Cuisinart BBQ Defrosting Tray

It’s four o’clock and your dinner is chillin’ in the freezer. Relatable? The Cuisinart BBQ Defrosting Tray is a lifesaver for the forgetful or plain old procrastinators. Just place frozen meat, veggies, or whatever on the tray and watch as its thermal conductive material thaws your future dinner in half the time of sitting on your kitchen counter.

4. Cuisinart Marinade and Grilling Basket Set

Marinating your meats and veggies is a must, but it needn’t be a mess. With the Cuisinart Marinade and Grilling Basket Set, you can marinate your honey sriracha chicken or lemon-pepper zucchini in the same steel basket that you then transfer directly to the grill. Once on the grill, the perforated bottom of the basket ensures the food will be infused with that smoky-grill goodness, minus any saucy spillage.

Second Step: Get the Extras

5. Cuisinart Grilling Prep and Serve Trays

When it comes to grilling—and not getting seriously ill—we believe in separation of raw and cooked. WW Shop favourite Cuisinart Grilling Prep and Serve Trays include one red tray to prep your raw meat and one black tray to serve your fully cooked meat. So you can marinate your chicken thighs on the red, serve them on the black, and avoid all cross-contamination. Plus the trays are made with durable melamine, so they don’t get too hot and can be cleaned right in the dishwasher. Short on storage space? Nest the trays together and slide them in a narrow slot.

6. Taylor Marinade Brush and Injector Set

Make marinading a breeze. Marinate meats and other favourites with this easy-to-use Taylor Marinade Brush and Injector Set. The simple squeeze bottle has measurement markings for creating your own sauces.

Third Step: Hit the Grill!

7. Cuisinart Sliding Skewers (Set of 4)
Easy to layer and even easier to eat, kebabs can’t be beat. Elevate your food-on-a-stick game with the stainless steel Cuisinart Sliding Skewers, which work double (prong) duty to keep your kebabs from rolling all around on the grill. Plus each of the four skewers allows for 11 inches of stacked chicken, steak, and veggies—enough to feed the family in one round of grilling. When you’re ready to eat, simply push the built-in sliders down the skewers to get your dinner plated.

8. Cuisinart® Non-Stick Grilling Basket

Grill fish, veggies, and other delicate foods with care using the Cuisinart Non-Stick Grilling Basket! The nonstick coating allows for easy release of your food and quick cleanup after grilling. The size of the basket easily adjusts to the size of the food being grilled.

9. Cuisinart® Reusable Non-Stick Grilling Sheets - Set of 2

Reusable is always better! Swap your aluminum foil for these Non-Stick Reusable Grilling Sheets from Cuisinart! Grill your favourites again and again with nonstick sheets that work with gas, electric, or charcoal grills and smokers.