8 Fashion Tips to Boost Your Morale (And Change Your Life)

Clothes are not only for covering your body and keeping you warm. They can impact your mood, well-being and self-image. Psychotherapist Anjula Mutanda reveals how an outfit can help boost your confidence.
Published September 12, 2016


  1. Give yourself an encouraging speech every morning.

We tend to see only small parts of ourselves. You may think “my arms are too flabby,” or “I have to hide my hips,” but the key to self-acceptance is seeing the whole you—exactly as others see you. When they look at you, they don’t pass judgment on every single detail. So before dressing in the morning, repeat to yourself: “I am a complete person, not just a mass of small details.”

  1. Make dull days shine.

Dress like you’re going to spend a great day—even if that’s not the case. It’s normal to want to wear bland clothes when you don’t feel your best, but that only makes it worse. Next time you have a bad day, put on something colourful, wear high heels with a little makeup—anything that will make you feel prettier. If you’re a man, try a nice watch, a new jacket or a shirt that fits you perfectly. That will help change your body language, and people will tend to be more positive with you.

  1. Go for a bolder look.

If attracting attention is not your thing, start with a small detail. Choose a cute scarf or top or different shoes for a short outing, until you get used to it. You can also wear prettier clothes at home, but do it when you’re with people who love and support you. You’ll get a confidence boost when they tell you how attractive you look, and you’ll be better equipped to face other people.

  1. Invest in a “pick-me-up” accessory.

When you’re down in the dumps, accessories are the perfect way to lift your spirits because they look good whatever the size you wear! So invest in scarves, shoes, necklaces, watches, hats, handbags, and wear them when you need a little boost.

  1. Avoid “size denial.”

A study has shown that 48% of women buy clothes that are a bit too small to get motivated to lose weight. But it rarely works—and “size denial” is a major reason for returning items. Choose comfortable clothes. You need to feel good and be able to move around, so try sitting down and leaning forward while wearing the garment in the change room. If you can’t do this easily, don’t buy it.

  1. Find your colour.

Most of us spend their lives in black, navy blue or grey. Time to move on. Experts believe that looking at certain colours can have a psychological effect on people. For example, warm colours such as red and pink might make us feel happier while blue would inspire serenity. Find out which one’s best for you!

  1. Change your outfit.

Maybe you have to wear a suit to work, or even a uniform? If so, change clothes when you get home to mark the separation between the two places. Putting away your work clothes and dressing casual will help you relax more quickly.

  1. Dress for success.

Rather than tell yourself “I must hide this,” ask “What do I like about myself?” When you go shopping, try to buy clothing that makes you look good rather than hiding a defect. If you have a beautiful neck, show it! If you want to cover your arms, try to wear a top with three-quarter sleeves, rather than a tunic that will hide everything else. We all have pieces that we use as cloaks, but sometimes, it’s better to let them go and move on.