7 Questions to Help You Know If You’re Ready for A Healthy Change

Take our quiz and see what change is right for you.
Published April 18, 2017

When it comes to making a healthy change, a major hurdle is simply deciding that you are, in fact, ready. Talking about it and making plans is one thing, but putting it all into action is another. And sometimes we tell ourselves we’re set for change when we’re not. But how do you know if you’re ready? Glad you asked. Here are seven quick questions to help you determine if you’re prepared to make a healthy change.

1 – My favourite meal of the day is:

  • Breakfast – 1
  • Lunch – 2
  • Dinner – 3
  • Late Night Snack – 4

2 – The thought of going to the gym makes me feel:

  • Energized – 1
  • Healthy – 2
  • Exposed – 3
  • Scared – 4

3 – When I’m out in a social setting with people I don’t know I:

  • Drive the conversation – 1
  • Answer questions when asked – 2
  • Only talk to avoid awkward silences – 3
  • Pretend I’m not there and hope nobody notices – 4

4 – When the sun comes out after winter I:

  • Wake up early and take a walk – 1
  • Plan my day around being outdoors – 2
  • Wait for a friend to ask me to hang out outside – 3
  • Find an excuse to stay indoors – 4

5 – My perfect vacation is:

  • An outdoor adventure – 1
  • A tropical hike - 2
  • Laying on a beach – 3
  • Binging seven seasons of a show on Netflix – 4

6 – If a friend asks me to go for a hike I:

  • Jump at the opportunity no matter what – 1
  • Only consider it if the weather is incredible – 2
  • Only go if they pull a guilt-trip card – 3
  • Don’t answer the text – 4

7 – To me, a healthy change is:

  • Making sure my diet is balanced – 01
  • Being more active – 02
  • Only worth doing if it’s with my friends – 03
  • Just not my thing – 04

Now tally up your scores.

7-10 – You might be an Active Advisor

You are enthusiastic about healthy living, you do your absolute best to stay on a program and within your routine, and you’re always striving to help others make healthy changes. Keep it up!

11-18 – You might be a Healthy Hopeful

You’ve made a healthy change, but find that it’s difficult to stay on top your routine all the time. But keep at it, and go at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

19-24 – You might be a Stuck Starter

You’ve made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle, but it’s hard to get started. Don’t worry, get started at your own pace. Make one small healthy change per week, and you’ll be happy with your progress in no time.

25-28 – You might be a Work In Progress

You’re probably expecting something negative here, but you’ve come to the wrong place. Everyone makes lifestyle changes at their own pace. When you’re ready to make a healthy change, Weight Watchers offers an incredible program full of delicious recipes and a support system like no other.