7 Clever Kitchen Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss

Making some easy tweaks to your daily routine while you’re cooking and eating can help you break bad habits and reach your goal. Here’s how...
Published January 12, 2017

Did you know we make around 200 decisions a day about what to eat and drink? But many of those decisions are unconscious; we’re not aware of why we make them. The good news is you can help retrain your brain to boost your weight-loss efforts. So, let’s start in the kitchen!

  1. Do you always open the fridge when passing to see if there are any snacks? If so, try sticking a motivational poster on the door to break the habit.
  2. TV or iPad in the kitchen? Don’t watch your favourite show while you eat – being distracted during dinner means you won’t register feeling full. Turn it off and focus on your food instead.
  3. Avoid pouring a glass of wine while you cook, as it’s too easy to lose track of the alcohol (and calories) you drink. Why not chew gum or have a soft drink?
  4. Rearrange your fridge and kitchen cupboards to hide unhealthy foods at the back and bring No Count staples to the front of your shelves.
  5. Read your food wrappers for the nutritional information if you’re not sure about the hidden fats, sugars and salt content. It’s amazing what you could find!
  6. Avoid using large plates, as studies show you’re more likely to fill them up and eat more. Swap for smaller – or side – plates instead.
  7. Eating on the go, or standing up means you’re not fully aware of what you’re eating. Always sit down and be mindful of what’s on your plate.