6 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Coffee Order

Everything you need to know about creating the coffee order of your dreams!
Published September 2, 2021

Calling all caffeine lovers! Whether you’re looking to make your morning coffee run healthier or you just want to try something new, we’ve got the scoop on creating the perfect brew.

1. Cut Back on Sugary Drinks Slowly

Although it’s tempting to make the switch immediately, resist the urge to go straight from your regular frappuccino order to unsweetened coffee with skim milk. Instead, try gradually cutting back, adding less and less sugar every week (or even every two weeks), until your palate has adjusted. Over time, you’ll become more sensitive to the taste, allowing you to use significantly less sugar than what you were once used to. You may even find that, eventually, the natural sugars found in dairy and non-dairy products are enough to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

2. Order Your Favourite Drink (But in a Smaller Size)

Treat yourself to a favourite coffee beverage but order a small instead of a medium or a large. While the difference might seem minimal, a small skinny mocha without added whipped cream comes in at around 8 SmartPoints while a large skinny mocha is more than double that with 14 SmartPoints.

3. Try to Stay Away From Artificial Creamers

Unlike dairy milk or some plant-based milks, artificial creamers are largely made from unhealthy fats (including trans fats, which have been linked to higher LDL cholesterol levels) and added sugars. If you enjoy the taste of flavoured creamers, try adding a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves to the coffee grounds before brewing.

4. Beware of Added Fats

Although butter, coconut oil and MCT oil are still hyped for their health benefits when added to coffee, they quickly add significant amounts of fat to an otherwise healthy beverage. Stick with low fat or skim dairy or plant-based milk and enjoy healthy fats in the form of food (think avocado, eggs, nuts and seeds, as well as lean meats and fish) and you’ll feel energized and satiated all day long — not just after drinking your morning coffee.

5. Experiment with Anti-Inflammatory Add-Ins

If you’re a fan of skinny lattes or other foamy drinks made with skim milk, try swapping out the coffee with a turmeric latte (also known as a golden latte), a green tea latte (made with matcha powder) or a bright pink beet latte (made with beet juice or beet puree.) Turmeric, green tea and beets are considered anti-inflammatory ingredients, and are each excellent sources of potent antioxidants.

6. Be Your Own Barista at Home

The easiest way to control what goes into your morning brew? Make your own customizable coffee or espresso drink at home using best quality beans and your choice of add-ins. If you love foamy drinks, invest in an inexpensive coffee foaming wand or simply use a stand-up or hand-held blender to achieve the perfect frothy texture. Look for “barista blends” if you prefer plant-based milks as these are formulated to produce extra-foamy results (traditional non-dairy milks are best-suited to regular drip coffee, or wherever foam isn’t required.)