5 Workouts to Tick Off Your Fitness Bucket List

This year, try something new!
Published April 18, 2017

For the sake of whetting the appetite, let’s think about the fitness world like an ice-cream parlour; a multitude of options from basic to fancy and something for everyone.  Even if you’re stuck on ‘vanilla’, there’s nothing wrong with venturing into mint chocolate chip once in a while.  In other words, maybe it’s time to compliment your walking, biking, or swimming routine with something new this summer. 

Add some splash to your zen

If you recognize the words, Hatha, Ashtanga, and Bikram, you’re obviously familiar with yoga.  Why not take the stretching, breathing, and strengthening a little further, and venture into the great outdoors with a more non-traditional approach. Stand up Paddle Board yoga (SUP) challenges you to find your centre of gravity on water as it shifts your weight back and forth.

Kick some butt

If you prefer a human contact sport, self-defense programs aren’t solely for protection anymore.  In fact, there’s been a rise in female memberships Canada-wide and with good reason.  Although they serve as a practical skill, it’s empowering to take control of your health and fitness and let’s be honest, kicking a punching bag is a great way to ward off steam.  Boxing, kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are only three of many self-defense programs that raise the heart rate, work up a sweat, and tighten and tone.

Rock out

What if you could raise the heart rate, work up a sweat, tighten and tone and feel like a rock star?  Although not entirely new, ‘Pound’ is a more recent introduction to rhythmic workouts and according to studies on a person weighing 150 pounds (no pun intended), Pound can burn an average of 500 calories during a 45-minute high-intensity cardio workout.  Using ripstix, the brand’s version of drumsticks, you jam to the beat of the music and get lost in the workout. 

Up the ante

If you’ve been too intimidated to try the latest High-intensity interval training programs (HIIT), it’s time to tick if off your fitness bucket list and jump on in.  Thanks to bodyweight exercises making a comeback, HIIT’s solid reputation for burning the most calories in any given session, combines strength training and cardio for the ultimate fat burning experience.  TRX suspension training and boot camps are all the rage when it comes to maximizing your intensity.  

Unleash your inner mermaid

If you’re recovering from an injury, or aren’t into the high-intensity fitness workouts, water-based exercises can be a great option.  If you can’t find a water aerobics group in your neighborhood, create one.  Local swimming pools can range from free to inexpensive and two to three strength training exercises such as jogging in place, or bicycle abs between laps,  is a great way to gently strengthen your muscles, increase cardiovascular and build lean muscles.