5 Ways WW Coaches Keep Themselves on Track

Come for the tracking advice—stay for the taco-in-a-bag. (Seriously.) Here’s how our pros make the most of every Point.
Published December 9, 2021

Sometimes working on your wellness and weight-loss goals can feel a little lonely—like being the only person in the Zoom meeting. (Umm, it’s been five minutes. Did we miss the memo?) But the reality is that at WeightWatchers you’re never alone. Aside from all the support and tips you’ll receive from fellow WeightWatchers members (hello, Connect groups!), WeightWatchers Virtual Coaches are here to help you and pump you up throughout your journey. Best of all, they don’t just teach the program, they live it—meaning their advice is always on-point. Here, we’re sharing the stay-on-track strategies that help them succeed on WeightWatchers , so you can too.

1. Make Tracking More Effortless

“When I’m having a busy day, I like to take pictures of my meals. It’s easier for me to track them later in the week.” —WW Coach Sophie

“I pre-track all of my meals for the day while I drink my morning coffee. I can always make edits later, but having a roadmap for my food makes me feel organized and ready for whatever comes my way!” —WW Coach Michael

“The Quick Add feature in the WW app is a little time-saver that makes a big difference. I always have Greek yogurt with frozen cherries and almonds for breakfast. I go to the search bar on My Day, tap ‘Quick Add', call it ‘My Yogurt', enter the value, and I'm done!” —WW Coach Mary

2. Have a Going-Out Game-Plan

“Whenever I go out to eat with friends, I always check the WW app to see if the restaurant is listed. Glancing at the menu and choosing my main dish in advance takes all the stress away from dining out. Plus, it makes ordering a breeze!” —WW Coach Lilly

"I no longer look at going out with friends as moments to ‘go off plan.’ It's just another day with different choices."— Coach Monika

“I spent a weekend with friends at a local winery and the day included bike riding! Combining eating and drinking with working out was a reminder that I can strive for balance while on this journey. I no longer look at going out with friends as moments to ‘go off plan.’ It's just another day with different choices.” —WW Coach Monika

“When attending a gathering with a ton of food, I have three tips: (1) Try to eat something before you go so that you’re not starving by the time you get to the party. (2) Focus on the actual purpose of the gathering and think of the food as a secondary actor, not the main focus. (3) Track honestly before and after the party.” —WW Coach Gigi

3. Get Creative in the Kitchen

“I always sauté my veggies in water to avoid using oil. I’ll add onions to a dry, hot skillet and let them sit for a minute until they start browning. You get a really rich taste just from the caramelization. Then, just add your veggies to the skillet and add a couple of tablespoons of water at a time!” —WW Coach Julie

“I take advantage of the recipe builder in the WW app to make healthier versions of my family's traditional Latin foods. I can make ingredient substitutions or add alternate cooking methods, like using an air fryer instead of a deep fryer. The best part? All the adjustments I make will be saved in the app for the next time!” —WW Coach Yadhira

4. Make Snacks a Little Snazzier

“I make in-the-bag ‘tacos’ by adding lettuce, guacamole, and more toppings to a bag of Nacho Tortilla Chips. They’re my go-to!” —WW Coach Kylie

5. Meal-Prep in a Major Way

“I always cook extras [of a recipe]. I like to divide everything I make into glass containers with snap lids, then label and freeze them. That way there’s always a healthy meal on hand when things get hectic. I call them ‘Natalie's Frozen Entrees’ without the extra sodium or preservatives!”—WW Coach Natalie