5 ways to maintain your weight loss

Published July 9, 2019

You’ve got the healthy habits down, you are on your way to reaching your goals, now learn how to keep the momentum going!


1. High-five!

First off, take a moment to celebrate how far you have come! Making a lifestyle change can be a challenge and your accomplishments deserve a celebration! Treat yourself to a mini moment of congratulations.


2. Take stock

Take a sec to understand what contributed to your success – and keep it up! Was it your stellar tracing habits? A supportive partner or friend? Maybe meal prep was your secret ally. Whatever it was, focus on it and make a game plan to continue with your healthy habits.


3. Make a plan

Maybe you are at your goal weight, or near. At this point its time to start thinking about maintaining your weight or handling setbacks. Make an action plan. Write down up to three things you’ll continue to do with your food choices and activity to ensure your continued success.


4. Keep tracking!

Tracking is the #1 technique to help you reach your weight loss goals. Keep up your good tracking habits, and even make it easier by using the barcode scanner, saving meals to your favourites, and using WW recipes to help make tracking simpler.


5. Grow your community!

Get an accountability-buddy! Getting healthier is so much better when you are doing it with a friend, partner, or your whole family! On top of the support and encouragement, weight loss results are real! Members who did the WW Freestyle program together lost 15% more weight than those doing the program on their own.* Plus for every friend who joins WW, you get a month FREE!