5 ways to feel happier in 5 minutes

Spent today feeling ‘blah’? Take just five minutes out of your day to focus on one of these tips, and you’ll feel perky in a flash!
Published November 12, 2017

Pick a power colour

Feeling down? Wear something green or yellow – even a statement accessory will make a positive difference. Psychological studies suggest that these two colours are associated with positive emotions, including happiness, hope and excitement, so catching a glimpse of it throughout the day is sure to perk you up.

Read on

Whether you’re indulging in your favourite glossy magazine or tackling a paperback, taking just a few minutes to read something you enjoy could help to readjust your mood by relieving anxiety and transporting you to a whole new world.

Think cute

Everyone loves looking at Instagram posts and viral videos of cute cats, right? Turns out doing so could actually benefit your mood, too: one study showed that watching cat vids or looking at pictures of kittens could help lower stress and increase happiness. Think of it as virtual pet therapy!

Sit up straight

Yep, feeling a bit better could be as easy as improving your posture. Research suggests that slouching is related to negative emotions and feelings of depression, while sitting upright could help increase confidence and positivity.

Get outside

No time for a lunch break? You should still try to find a minute to pop outside. Being near green spaces is thought to boost mental health, but if there’s no park close by, that’s okay: simply being outside anywhere will give you vitamin D through sun exposure. The ‘sunshine vitamin’ is thought to lift spirits, as deficiencies in the vitamin are linked to depression.