5 spring activities to rack up some FitPoints

Ways to keep active and have fun this season
Published March 16, 2021

With spring finally here, you might be looking for ways to get outside more and enjoy the weather – and if you can rack up some extra FitPoints at the same time, all the better.

Here are five ideas to get you started.

Start gardening

If you have the space, gardening is a great spring-centric way to spend some time in nature, get a dose of vitamin D from the sun and get your body moving. Depending on what you’re planting, you might spend time hoeing a patch of land or lugging pots back and forth, or getting a deep stretch and an arm workout while on your knees digging spots for your new plants to grow. Whatever you do, you’ll get your heart rate up, use your whole body and feel connected to nature with your hands in the dirt – and, later, you’ll reap the benefits of seeing beautiful flowers or yummy veggies growing right before your eyes.

Take up photography

With the cameras on smartphones these days, you don’t need an expensive camera to take nice pictures.

“Get outside and start doing some amateur photography of nature,” suggests Andrew Blakey, owner of Your Future Fitness and certified personal-training specialist. “With the snow melting it can get you out on some beautiful trails getting in some extra steps, and some beautiful photos in the process!”

Spring clean everything

“My mom always said spring cleaning was the best workout there is,” says Amanda Brooks, author of the newly released Run To The Finish: The Everyday Runner’s Guide to Avoiding Injury, Ignoring the Clock and Loving the Run.

Brooks suggests clearing out your garage and reorganizing to transition from your winter needs to summer. You can also clean your windows inside and out, which she says requires all kinds of movement and strength. And if you’re a driver, you could hand wash and wax your car.

Go mushroom picking

If you want a way to get outside, get some steps and gather fresh food at the same time, Brooks suggests going mushroom picking. It’s something you can do from March to May, she says, and makes for “a fun scavenger-style family day.” Be sure to consult a reputable mushroom foraging guide to ensure your safety while mushroom hunting.

Go for a hike

“Hiking is an awesome spring activity to keep fit,” says Andrea Gentry, who shares hiking and camping tips on her outdoor adventure site Embracing the Wind. “After being cooped up during winter, hiking is a wonderful way to not only boost your mood but log some steps and get your heart rate up. You can choose trails based on length and difficulty and work your lower body as you climb hills and traverse uneven terrain,” she says. “Grab some hiking poles, and your arms will get pumping, too.”