30-day challenge: journaling

How to get started and why you should give this practice a try
Published August 27, 2021

Journaling is often talked about in wellness and mindfulness circles, and while many of us may want to try it, it can be hard to put that desire into action. So where do we start?

First, let’s look at the potential benefits of journaling.

Lauren Messiah, a personal stylist, entrepreneur and author of Style Therapy: 30 Days to Your Signature Style, says journaling has been a “game-changer” for her.

She uses it in her personal life and has infused it into how she works with her clients. For example, in her book, she offers journaling prompts for self-discovery, to help women gain clarity on their purpose and what they need to wear to achieve their biggest goals.

If you believe in manifesting your desires, journaling can be a great tool to help with that.

“Seriously, this may sound a bit out there for some, but my pen is my magic wand,” says Messiah. “Journaling is a powerful manifestation tool you can use to get anything you want. I’ve journaled my way into homeownership, financial abundance, love, business deals and more.

“Journaling is also an incredible way to gain clarity when you're feeling stuck,” she adds. “Instead of thinking your way out of an issue, write your way out of it instead.”

How to Get Started

“If you’re new to journaling, it’s best to spend the first 30 days building the habit,” Messiah explains. “The best way to build a practice is to keep it simple. I created a journaling method for my clients called the 5-4-3-2-1 Journaling Method:

  • Five things you’re grateful for
  • Four things you’d like to manifest
  • Three outfit intentions (what you’ll wear, how you want to feel, how you want to be perceived)
  • Two wins from the previous day
  • One intention for the day

Do this every day for 30 days, and you’ll be hooked!”

If starting off for 30 days straight – try baby steps with this outline:

Week 1 – commit to journaling for 5 minutes a day twice this week

Week 2 – Increase from 2 days to three

Week 3 – Reflect – is 5 minutes enough time? Maybe you are finding you are going over 5 minutes. Either choose to increase your duration from 5 to 10 minutes or your frequency from three to four days

Week 4 – Spend 10-15 minutes four days a week journaling

Bonus Tip: Get a Journal You Love

“Make journaling fun by purchasing a journal that you want to show off,” says Messiah. “If it’s worthy of sitting on your nightstand or tossing in your handbag, the more inclined you’ll be to use it daily.”