3 Secrets of Positive People

Published January 18, 2017

Have you ever wanted to be one of those people who just seem to be positive all the time? A positive attitude could help you succeed in your get-healthy plans, relationships or career. Try these ideas for a sunnier outlook...

1. Try to challenge any negative thoughts

If you tend to be a cup-half-empty sort of person, it may be time to question yourself more. Pessimists expect the worst, but this could stop you taking action towards a positive outcome. One idea to combat this is to challenge your negative thoughts. So try keeping a book and two pens – one red and one black – in your bag. Every time you have a negative thought, write it down in black ink, and next to it, in red, list a number of possible outcomes.

For example, when you think, “If I’m late for work again, I’ll lose my job,” you could stop and consider other possible outcomes, such as: “I could stay late to make up the time,” or “My boss will be annoyed, but it will pass.” This could have a positive effect on how you feel. Robin Sieger, author and leading success strategist, says: “The more open-minded you train yourself to be, the more likely you are to create opportunities and possibilities, rather than worst-case scenarios.”

2. Remember to count your blessings

When we are stressed or anxious, it’s possible to become fixated on the downside of things. One way to overcome this, or simply to start thinking more optimistically, is to remind yourself of all the positives in your life. Try keeping a gratitude journal. Each day, make a list of five things that you’re grateful for – however small – and take a moment to think about them. It might be that you’re thankful for support from your friends; for your great relationship; or for feeling energized after a refreshing stroll outside.

3. Believe that you can succeed

In one study by the University Medical Centre Utrecht in the Netherlands, researchers monitored people on a weight-loss plan for eight weeks, examining their beliefs about whether they would be successful at losing weight. Those who believed it was possible, if they changed their behaviour, lost significantly more than those who thought their weight problems stemmed from physical reasons they didn’t have any control over.

So, how and what you think could be powerful when it comes to your get-healthy plans. Sieger says: “Most people approach weight loss with the hope, rather than the belief, that they will lose weight, and this can cancel out the hard work.” Change hope into belief by regularly saying to yourself, “I can do it!”