18 things you didn’t know were included in your WW membership!

Published March 28, 2019 | Updated November 2, 2022

1. Sleep tracking

With one in three adult Canadians not getting enough sleep, we know how important some quality shut eye is to overall health and wellness. Now you can track your sleep, right in your WW app. Log the duration and how you are feeling and see your sleep averages.

2. Water tracking

Easily track how much water you consume each day with our new water tracker, found right below where you track your snacks.

3. 24/7 coaching

Have a burning question? Need help with the app? Our 24/7 chat connects you with live WW coaches who are ready to answer any question you may have. Chat with one today on My Day.

4. Syncing your fitness device

Have an activity tracker? It easily syncs with the WeightWatchers app so you can keep count of your steps, workouts, and Points earned!

5. Invite a Friend

Have you heard about our referral program? Refer a friend and join the journey together. Members who start with a friend lose 24% more weight.*

6. Breethe meditations

Our partnership with Breethe brings mini moments of mindfulness to your wellness journey. Access exclusive – and free - meditations, just for WeightWatchers members.

7. Connect

Connect, our members-only social community is the most positive social space you will find! Get inspiration from other members, share tips and tricks for making the program work, and get access to Connect Groups, where you can explore your interests with fellow members.

8. WW App!

Our easy-to-use app lets you work the program wherever you are. Track on the go, access Connect, our exclusive members-only social community, synch your activity device, and rack up wins, all through our app!

9. Barcode Scanner

Tracking has never been easier with our barcode scanner. Simply scan your foods for easy, one-tap tracking!

10. Siri integration

iOS users can have Siri help them maintain their healthy habits. Ask Siri to track your breakfast or tell you how many Points you have left. Over time, Siri will learn your habits and help recommend shortcuts to keep you on track!

11. Points system

Our scientifically proven Points system takes the guesswork out of weight loss. Each food and drink are assigned a Points value based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, fibre, and protein. 

12. Thousands of articles and recipes updated weekly!

Every week we add new articles and recipes to our site! We have more than 7,000 recipes and 60,000 foods in our app for you to easily track, with more being added every day!

13. Food tracking +  Points values of restaurant and grocery foods

We know that real life means eating out! That’s why we include Points values for your favourite restaurant and grocery foods, making it even easier to stick with your healthy habits!

14. Weeklies

Did you know that in addition to your daily Points budget, you also get additional weekly points to help you fit in all the foods you love.

15. Recipe Builder + Favourite foods

Within our app or desktop experience, you can build your own recipes, for easy tracking! Also be sure to take advantage of ‘Favourite’ foods. Have a food you eat regularly? Tap the star beside it’s name and it will live in your favourites, for one-tap tracking!

16. Meal ideas + recipe suggestions!

Is your menu ho-hum? That’s where we come in! Get daily recipe suggestions and meal ideas right in your app or on desktop!

17. Weight tracking + Milestones 

Are you in it to win it? We’ve got your back! By tracking your weight you are on your way to seeing success! Plus, as a little hurrah for you, we will send you encouragement messages when you accomplish milestones on your journey!

18. Weekly Topic 

Every week we pick a theme that we know will help members work the program. This Weekly Topic is updated every Sunday, live in your app.

*Wing, R. R., & Jeffery, R. W. (1999). Benefits of recruiting participants with friends and increasing social support for weight loss and maintenance. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 67(1), 132–138.