10 tips to create a wellness-friendly space

Turns out, the way we set up our home has a whole lot to do with our road to success.
Published May 18, 2020

Just like you decorate your home to make it comfy and personal, you can also arrange your space to help you on your weight and wellness journey. In fact, our environment can impact how we act and the choices we make.

3 fast facts


  1. What we see in our environment has a huge impact on us. It plays a role in at least 80% of our thoughts, perceptions, learning, and actions.
  2. Research shows that we can arrange our space to give us cues that can help us take action. For example, where food is located can affect what and how much we eat—which ultimately can impact our weight.
  3. People tend to make choices based on what’s easy and obvious. The easier the choice is, the more likely we’ll do it. Setting up our spaces so healthy choices are easier helps on our journey!

Set your home up for success


Make healthy choices easier with these simple tips.

  1. Make lunch.  Keep ZeroPoint™ and low-SmartPoints® options, like veggies, sliced turkey, and fruit in your fridge for an easy meal. Make enough for a few days so you only need to prep once.
  2. Grab fruit.  What we see is what we tend to eat. Put grapes or berries in a bowl on your kitchen table or desk, so you’re more likely to reach for it.
  3. Cue activity.  Tend to sleep through your a.m. workout? Place your alarm clock across the room, next to your fitness clothes, to help you get moving.
  4. Simplify your morning.  Arrange your breakfast ingredients (we love chopped veggies in omelettes) at the front of your fridge, and leave out your cooking tools.
  5. Start writing.  Leave a notebook and pen on your nightstand, so you can write down three things you’re thankful for every day—anything from finishing a chapter of a book to catching up with a friend. Doing so helps you zero in on the good that happens, rather than focusing on the negativity and stressors in your life.
  6. Get sneaky.  Want to nosh less on certain special treats? Stash them in cabinets you don’t usually open or that can’t be easily reached, and keep your go-to snacks at eye level.
  7. Drink water. Replace sugary beverages with a large glass of water every morning—try adding ZeroPoint fruits or veggies for a flavour boost. Pro tip: strawberry and cucumber slices are a winning combo.
  8. Be creative. Tend to snack when you’re bored or zoning out? Leave a colouring book on your coffee table—anything that keeps your hands busy. It’ll curb the urge to grab a snack.