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Your own personal trainer, right in the palm of your hand

Welcome to WW x Aaptiv

Activity is a vital part of any wellness journey, and WW aims to help all our members move more. That’s why we partnered with Aaptiv, a leader in audio fitness instruction, to bring the guidance and encouragement of a personal trainer right to your WW app.

How WW x Aaptiv works:
Choose a workout based on your level, what you enjoy, and how much time you have (they start at just 13 minutes!). Tap play, and the expert-led audio guides you, step by step, through your routine. The WW-exclusive workouts require no equipment, and you can do them at home, outside, in the gym—wherever you’re inspired to get active

To get started:

1. Choose a workout
We have a range of options, from lower-intensity walking to cardio intervals and body weight-based strength training. Your WW x Aaptiv coach explains how to warm up, talks you through proper form, tells you when to pick up the pace, and cheers you on the whole way.

2. Get a free 45-day trial*​
Love working out with WW x Aaptiv and want more? Unlock the full Aaptiv experience, featuring more than 2,500 audio workouts—all schedule-squeezable to fit into even your busiest days.

*Free trial terms. Enjoy the benefits of the full Aaptiv experience for 45 days. You will be automatically subscribed to Aaptiv at their standard monthly rate ($14.99 + applicable taxes) unless you cancel before the free trial period ends.

Get a free 45-day trial*