Rachel Warner
Group member

“My twin sister is my biggest supporter”

Rachel spent years being compared to her twin sister, a series of comments led her to compare photos and take action. She has successfully maintained her goal weight for 5 years, find out her secrets to success.

Rachel's weight loss story

Name: Rachel Warner
Weight loss: 23 kgs
Was: 90.6 kg 
Now: 67.6 kg
Height: 1.68 m
Age: 27
How long it took: 5 months
How she did it: Group coaching with former Coach Julia Bodman at Papamoa, NZ.

Then & Now

"One person actually asked me once, "What happened to you?" after seeing the difference between the two of us."

My story...

For most of my overweight life, especially during my teens and early 20s, I’ve been compared to someone who’s slim, fit and healthy – my twin sister, Sarah. One person actually asked me once,“What happened to you?” after seeing the difference between the two of us. It was when I was at an event with Sarah that I truly realised I had to change. I was 21 and we were at a party with her friends. They were all beautiful, tall, skinny flight attendants. I left soon after arriving – I just couldn’t be there, the wallflower in the corner. I told my friend, Rachel, about it. She comforted me and asked, “Will you join Weight Watchers with me?” There was something about how she phrased it – she was asking me to support her, not telling me that I was big and needed to lose weight. So, just a month after the flight attendant party, we signed up together.

The family bond

Sarah supported me from the very beginning, too. She’s always been there to back me throughout my weight-loss journey. She’s an incredible motivator, promising to give me her gorgeous clothes as my kilos came off!

Eating my emotions

When I was younger I ate to cope with bullying. It didn’t help that I worked at McDonald’s and received half-price food. On top of that, I was a serial snacker, especially when it came to chocolate. I even managed to include chocolate at breakfast– adding chocolate chips to my morning porridge. But the person that I was melted away with the kilos, and when I reached Goal, I’d finally developed a sense of respect for myself and my body.

Keeping it off

I hit unchartered territory. The six-week maintenance program helped me make the mental switch from losing to maintaining. I had to prepare myself to see the scales stay the same, rather than decrease. Only once during my five years of maintenance have things gone awry. My maximum goal weight is 73kg, and my personal goal weight 68kg. My weight had climbed to 72.6kg, so I returned to Weight Watchers full-time to get back on track. I was nervous about going back– like I’d failed – but the Leaders have always reminded me that I had the tools, knowledge and determination to keep the weight off for good.

Rachel's 5 weight loss tips

  1. Reflect on your hard work: I have a special book filled with pictures from my journey and encouraging notes from my family. It inspires me and reminds me how far I’ve come.
  2. Make your weight loss tangible: My dad was a wonderful help during my weight loss. Each week after my weigh-in he’d text me to see how much I’d lost. By the time I arrived home he’d stacked a pile of items on the dining table that represented my total weight loss. At first it was just blocks of butter, but by the end it was huge bags of dog food.
  3. Have a favourite go-to meal: I love my never-fail chicken salad. It’s loaded with grilled chicken, salad leaves, hummus and avocado.
  4. Weigh-ins work: Never be afraid to go back to your meetings each week or month to weigh in.
  5. Find what works for you: Groups make all the difference in my life– group meetings, group exercise classes and my family network.