"Losing weight gave me the confidence to get back in the work force"

For Lisa Mulcahy, losing eight kilos was the difference between being someone who lacked confidence and someone who’s winning at life.

Lisa's weight loss story

Name: Lisa Mulcahy
Weight loss: 8.1kg 
Was: 58.1kg
Now: 50.1kg
Height: 158cm
Goal Weight: 67kg
Age: 47
How long it took: 8 months
How she did it: Group Coaching in in Coorparoo, Qld, with Lee Everett. 

Lisa then and now

I was never a morning person

Before I lost weight and started running, I would never have described myself as a morning person. I couldn’t have imagined feeling so energised that I’d leap out of bed at 4am, ready to go for a three-hour run. There was a time when I used to love sleeping in – but now I get to see the sunrise and it’s a very special time of my day.

My journey began in 2007

I was never really overweight, but I’m quite short and I was at the higher end of my healthy weight range. When I dropped my sons – Bryce, now 20, and Damon, 18 – at school, I was aware of how uncomfy I felt in my own skin. I’d never tried to lose weight before but I knew if I didn’t do something about it, the weight would keep creeping on. So I joined Weight Watchers, reached Goal, and I’ve maintained my weight loss for the past three years.

"Diets aren't my thing but I couldn’t argue with a healthy lifestyle, which is what WW is – from what you eat to how much you exercise."

Diets aren't my thing

I couldn’t argue with a healthy lifestyle, which is what WW is – from what you eat to how much you exercise. It’s also had a positive effect on my family, since I only cook meals from the Program cookbooks or Weight Watchers magazines. Being an organised person, I meal-plan for the whole week. My online grocery order arrives every Saturday, so by the time Monday comes everyone knows what’s for dinner. One of my favourite dishes is the simple sweet and sour chicken – but they’re all so good. My husband, who has never been a WW member, is fitter and healthier as a result. My sons also love the meals and, as they use a lot of energy, they have bigger portions.

Losing weight gave me my confidence back

For 10 years, I was a stay-at-home mum, and losing weight gave me the confidence to get back in the work force. That’s when I became really active and started running. It’s part of my routine now. Three times a week I do shorter runs (two 5km runs and one 12km) and on the weekend it varies from 15km to 32km. I’m not a natural-born runner, but it makes me happy. When I run, I’m removed from everything: I don’t listen to music or take my phone – all I have is a watch.

"The first time I ran a half marathon I crossed the finish line and burst into tears."

I ran a half marathon

The first 3km are the hardest. Once I get past that point I get into a rhythm and just keep going. By 28km, my body’s hurting a lot so it’s the mental stamina from that point onwards. The first time I ran a half marathon I crossed the finish line and burst into tears. My husband, Baden, and my sons were there – having them to support me at the end was amazing. Now I’m training for my first full marathon and Baden, Bryce and Damon will be there to cheer me over the finish line again. Knowing how proud and supportive they are feels incredible. If I sound like my life is good, that’s because it is. But I know now that you get out of life what you put in. And at this stage, I’m happy, healthy, supported – and the fittest I’ve ever been. I feel like a million dollars.

Lisa Mulcahy


The Final 5kg

Lisa shares the wisdom she’s picked up on her WW Journey.

1. Slow and steady wins
Five kilos may seem like a difficult amount to lose when you’re only dropping 100g or 200g at a time, but the slower you drop the weight, the longer you’ll keep it off and easier it is to maintain. Every little loss adds up to your goal.

2. Stick to your program
If you only follow WW half-heartedly, you’ll do half as well. I pre-track a lot so I think about what I’m going to eat the next day the night before. I track it before I have it, and I’ve found that really works for me. I have to be organised because life is so busy.

3. Track it, own it, move on
Plan all your meals and have lots of low SmartPoints®  value snacks. If you like to snack, as I do, think about what you’re consuming, because it all adds up. I still track absolutely everything, even if it’s a couple of glasses of 6 SmartPoints value champagne, which is my treat. Following the Program means I never have to go without the food and drinks I love.

4. Be realistic
I’m a very positive person and I have an amazing support group around me but like everyone, I still have bad days. Don’t worry about it and don’t give up – just track religiously the following week and you’ll see the results you want.