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2022 Healthy Life Awards Inspirational Journey finalist Tamara Macdonald

Registered nurse Tamara lost 46kg over 13 months and reached her goal weight in 2013. She maintained her weight loss for almost 10 years but recently gained 20kg during her pregnancy. Since returning to WW she’s well on her way back to goal!
Published 20 September 2022

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My life before WW was very different. I was a hermit and basically never went out anywhere. I hated being in photos as I was always the “big” girl. I never exercised and never cooked. My daily intake would consist of takeaway and fast foods. Being a registered nurse working 12 hour shifts was hard enough and carrying the extra weight added to the stress of standing on my feet all day. By the time my shift ended I was exhausted and so takeaway on the way home was the easiest thing to do.

Initially I felt like a hypocrite telling mums to lose weight when I had almost 50kg to lose myself. I knew I had to do something about my weight before I became a patient. My best friend Sonia had lost almost 25kg on WW with the support of Coach Marie Elliott, so I decided to join the same WW Workshop and I never looked back! Under the guidance and support of Marie, I lost 46kg and she helped me maintain my weight loss for almost 10 years.

After having my beautiful baby Charlotte in December 2021, I’m back to WW Workshops and losing the 20kg I gained during my pregnancy. I know I can do it again and also inspire other mums in the process! I want to get back to my goal weight to feel better in myself and especially fit back into my lovely dresses!

I’ve been a lifetime member for close to 10 years and have tried the different programs over the years. I love that the program is flexible and I am still able to enjoy treats. It encourages me to choose filling and healthy options. WW has been a part of my life for so long now I couldn’t forget to track even if I tried!

Exercise is part of my daily routine even now I have a baby. I’ve had to tweak my routine. For example, going for a run at night when hubby gets home from work. I also continue to park far away at the shops to encourage me to walk further. I always take the stairs instead of the lift. I’ve swapped full cream milk for skim milk and full strength soft drinks for sugar free!

I’m most proud that I’ve run multiple marathons, an ultramarathon (50km) and many city2surf events. My best advice is to never ever give up and remember that persistence over perfection is key.