"As mum and daughter, our relationship is stronger than ever."

When Jenny encouraged her daughter Laura to join WW with her in 2016, she was maintaining a family tradition, having joined with her own mum in 1975.
Published 10 December 2019

Why did you decide to improve your health and wellbeing?

Laura: I wasn’t living life to the fullest and I wanted to know what it was like to not have my weight influence everything I did. Since reaching my goal weight, my ‘why’ is because eating well and doing something active every day makes me feel good. Before joining WW, I didn’t believe people who said that. Now I get it.

Jenny: I wanted to lose a bit of weight myself, but originally, I joined WW to support Laura and to help her become healthier and happier. Now my ‘why’ is to feel my best. I notice such a big difference, both mentally and physically, when I track and eat well.

Daughter Laura, 23, lost 37kg and Mum Jenny, 59, lost 5kg.


What’s been the best thing about joining WW together?

Laura: The support is second to none. We’re always sharing thoughts and ideas, as well as encouragement. Without Mum, I don’t know if I’d have had the motivation to keep going. It’s been invaluable to have Mum on this journey with me.

Jenny: Laura and I keep each other on track. We live together, so she’s such a constant source of support. And, while I’m not a keen cook, Laura is—and she’s good at it. Using WW’s recipes, she’ll plan our meals, shop for groceries and make us a delicious dinner every night of the week.


“Since joining WW, Mum and I spend a lot more time together and we have so much in common because we both love healthy eating.”


Has WW changed your relationship?

Laura: So much. Before I joined WW, Mum and I didn’t have the best relationship— she was worried about my weight and my health and I was defensive about it, so we’d often have heated discussions. It’s totally different now. Because we’ve shared this journey, we understand each other and are much more open.

Jenny: We have so much more in common now. We’re both so passionate about the WW program and have so many shared interests, like walking, that are opportunities for us to spend time together.


What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in each other?

Laura: Mum is fitter and stronger now than she was a decade ago. She does circuit training a couple of times a week and swims laps once a week, and is always out walking. We’re both so much more active than we used to be and we genuinely enjoy it.

Jenny: WW has given Laura her life back. It’s given her the confidence to do anything—including being a WW Coach. I go to her WW Workshops now and I’m so proud to see her in that role. The members love her and are so inspired by her, which as her mum, is lovely to see.


What’s surprised you most on your wellness journey?

Laura: How simple it’s been to make the changes that have delivered the results. Before I joined WW, I just assumed I’d have to give up everything I enjoyed eating and that adjusting to a healthier lifestyle would be really challenging, but it was the exact opposite. In fact, after my first week, I was convinced I wouldn’t have lost any weight because it didn’t seem like I’d sacrificed anything. But I lost 1.4kg! That’s when I knew this would work.

Jenny: How much my mindset has changed. I now understand that my thoughts play a huge role in my lifestyle and food choices. It’s not just my body that’s gone through a transformation, my mind has, too. And I know that’s the key to long-lasting success.


What are you looking forward to on Mother’s Day?

Laura: Spoiling mum. I’ll make her breakfast in bed—something like bacon and eggs—followed by presents and then we’ll go out for lunch. I’ll also make mum roast chicken with veggies and gravy for dinner. It’s one of her favourites and, with the cooler weather at this time of year, it’s the best.

Jenny: I love Mother’s Day. Laura always goes to so much trouble so it’s very exciting and a big celebration. I’m very lucky.