A mindset shift means exercise is now a favourite part of Kylie’s day

And she says it means she’ll never need a gym membership ever again
Published 7 February 2021 | Updated 30 November 2022

Kylie's weight loss journey

After several major surgeries and sporting injuries left Kylie overweight and feeling down about it, she made a decision – if she wanted to be fit and healthy as she grew older, she needed to do something about it sooner rather than later. After losing 10kg in 18 months with WeightWatchers®, she not only says life is fantastic but that physical activity is now her idea of fun.

Kylie's “Why”

“I decided I wanted to be fit and healthy as I approached 50.”

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard work

“I used to believe that if I wasn’t doing an intense workout at a gym I wasn’t genuinely exercising, so if it wasn’t full on what was the point? But not anymore. Instead of being all about pushing me to my limits, I discovered that exercise could be something to do for fun and to keep my body active and my mind clear. Suddenly that meant there were so many different options – bushwalking, yoga, Pilates and the workouts on my WW app. I do something active every single day now, including walking a bush track for an hour most mornings which is a beautiful way to start the day. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever buy a gym membership again.”

WW supports you rather than restricts you

“On WW you’re not restricted by a diet. Instead, I feel supported in making a lifestyle transformation that I’m managing rather than being told what to eat, when but without being taught the habits required to maintain it. I guess the short story is, WW fits in with my lifestyle rather than the other way around.”

The way I eat has completely changed

“Whenever I’ve tried to eat healthily in the past I’d tend to really intensely restrict my meals and what I ate during the week, which then felt like I had permission to binge on all the foods I felt like I was missing out on whenever a weekend rolled around. It left me feeling completely deprived during weekdays and unhealthy on weekends. Now, I make the effort to make sure I’m eating really balanced meals, with a few snacks and the occasional treat, every single day. It’s a much healthier, more satisfying way of eating.”

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Being vegetarian is easy on WW

“As a vegetarian, I need to make sure my meals are filling enough as well as being nutritionally balanced, and the variety of tailor-made, tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes available on the WW app and in the WW cookbooks is impressive. But WW often provides ‘to make it vegetarian’ tips for recipes, too, which is really helpful. I started off on the Blue food plan but switched to Green about 12 months ago because I find tracking vegetarian-friendly proteins like tofu, tempeh, eggs and Greek yoghurt works best for me.”

Losing weight isn’t a race

“Taking 18 months to lose 10kg might seem like slow progress but that was very much a personal, conscious choice. This time I wanted to focus on sustainable weight loss so it was breaking non-helpful food habits, rather than losing weight as fast as I could, that was my main goal. Now, I feel fit and healthy inside and out. I recently turned 50 and I’m looking forward to continuing this healthy lifestyle for a very long time.”