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2022 Healthy Life Awards Connect-ers Choice Kerry Copley

Kerry was voted our most inspiring member in our Connect community by her peers! Her daily posts inspire, encourage and motivate our entire community. Read on for what our members had to say!
Published 22 September 2022

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“Kerry is a person who has been here and interacted regularly on Connect since the start of her journey. She has been here since the start of Connect faithfully posting most days!”

“Kerry posts daily with fantastic and inspiring ideas. Her posts and pics explore a variety of topics that inspire a diverse range of comments. They always provoke positive discussion. I always look forward to Kerry’s post as there is an element of wisdom to be gleaned from her and her experiences. In that way she is a leader in the Connect Community.”

“Kerry is always open to new learning and trying new things-different weight loss strategies, how to spend her Points etc. She is also regularly found commenting and encouraging others on their posts too. She is such a valuable part of Connect!”

“Kerry is a consistent exerciser and is an inspiration to many of us in this area with her regular walking and workout pics. She has always been honest and real about her struggles/triumphs on her weight loss journey and this allows readers to glimpse into the truth of how challenging weight loss can be. However, this has never stopped her. Kerry is one determined lady and she never gives up!”

“Kerry has a growth mindset and often shares quotes, book ideas and her ways of positively looking at her thoughts and behaviours. She shares openly about topics she is working on internally.”

“Kerry is a true inspiration and mentor figure to so many of us on Connect. The truth is she deserves to win the Connecters Choice Award!”

“Kerry is the first Connecter I check each day for inspiration. She posts each and every day without fail, with honesty, warmth and positivity - even when times are tough she inspires others to move forward and not give up.”

“Kerry is an inspiration to me and her many followers. Her colourful exuberance, positivity and zest for life are so infectious. She is honest about her successes and struggles and rather than mope, she finds solutions or a new approach when things aren’t going her way. She posts EVERY SINGLE DAY and this consistency showing up every day not just for herself, but for others, makes her the person I believe deserves this award.”