When Flo switched her focus it changed everything

On a mission to improve her relationship with food, Flo joined WeightWatchers®. Four years later, she’s not only lost 37kg, these days she thinks about food very differently – and it’s been a big part of her success.
Published 7 February 2021 | Updated 4 January 2023

Flo’s weight loss journey

Joining WeightWatchers® in 2017 to lose weight prior to hip surgery, Flo was inspired to stick with it to improve her health and lifestyle. Now, having recently turned 40, she’s confident, has learned the value of prioritising herself and says she’s never felt better.

Flo’s ‘why’

"I'm just a regular mum with two teenage boys. I want to be as fit and healthy as I can be and a great role model for them."

Flo has lost 37 kg in 2 years

The power in the positive

“Since joining WW my attitude towards food has changed for the better. I no longer see food as a reward for exercising and I always look at the nutritional value of foods now. That concept was very foreign to me before I joined WW. But the most important change I made was that I started to focus on what I ‘could’ eat rather than what I ‘shouldn’t’ eat. It turns out thinking negatively about food is what lead me to eat all the junk food I was trying to avoid, on a daily basis. Turning my relationship with food into a positive one has helped me immensely.”

‘Bad days’ aren’t deal breakers

“There’s always going to be room for improvement when it comes to eating well – and I know now that I’m always going to have my good days and my less-good days. Now, I make the effort to look back on any ‘bad days’ I have to see what triggered it, acknowledge that it happened and then move on – every day is a new day. Circumstances are different day to day so I’ve learned not to be too hard on myself.”

There’s no such thing as a quick fix

“I’ve tried every diet you can imagine. In the past, I was always looking for the quick fix. And I always found that it wasn’t sustainable – every bit of weight I lost, I put straight back on before I could even blink. That’s what prompted me to join WW this time around. I knew it was different.”