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"Joining WW was the best thing for my IVF journey"

Since losing 18kg in 43 weeks, Carriann not only feels better than ever, she says she’s more optimistic than ever about starting IVF again, too.
Published 1 March 2022

Carriann's weight-loss story

Carriann is no stranger to trying to lose weight or the dozens (and dozens!) of diets that promise to deliver it. So the fact that she’s tried WW, enjoyed success and says it’s something she’ll do forever, is a five-star review. Here’s why she wanted to lose weight in the first place, what she thinks about ‘willpower’, and how she’s feeling these days.

"My first catalyst to lose weight was when I saw myself in a photo at my sister-in-law’s wedding in 2018. I hadn’t realised that I’d let myself get to 121kg. I was in denial – I knew I was overweight, but wouldn’t weigh myself so I had no idea how much I actually weighed. I managed to lose some weight following really restrictive diets and then I started IVF. Last year, after three unsuccessful rounds of IVF, I asked my IVF gynaecologist what I could do to improve my chances and he said the number one thing was to lose weight. That’s when I found WW."— Carriann

Q&A with Carriann

How is WW different to other ‘diets’ you’ve used to lose weight?

“You name a diet, I’ve tried it. In fact, I’ve tried so many, I can’t even remember them all. A few years ago, I lost 10kg on a shake-based diet, but being lactose intolerant, I actually became malnourished, losing hair and getting quite ill. I then moved onto the soup diet, the paleo diet and keto. When I became determined to lose some more weight for my next IVF journey, I was getting prepared to follow another restrictive, low-carb diet but then I saw an ad for WW on Facebook.

The line that got me was when a member shared that not only was no food off limits, they were losing weight and still enjoying margaritas. What sort of magic was this where you could eat what you want and still lose weight!?

I did a WW 14-day trial in April 2021 and loved it. I could eat from all the food groups, there were no restrictions around carbs and I was giving my body all the nutrients it needs. And I was losing weight.”

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What do you wish others knew about successful weight loss?

“That it isn’t about willpower. I have willpower. I work out, I can restrict my eating if I have to, I successfully gave up smoking, I perform excellently at my job. I have willpower. But the reason I couldn’t continue with diets like keto, paleo or meal-replacement shakes is because they’re not a lifestyle. They make it really hard to socialise and while limiting carbs to assist with weight loss might work in the short term, it’s not ideal to cut out grains and carbohydrates permanently. I love that on WW I can plan a meal out at a restaurant and not have the negative association that I’ve ‘broken’ my diet.”

What’s been the best change to your eating habits since starting WW?

“I actually eat more often, enjoying smaller meals more regularly throughout the day which gives me energy and stops me feeling fatigued like I used to. Before WW I feared eating. I always thought dieting meant deprivation, so when I first became a WW member, the idea of being able to eat so much food actually shocked me! But it’s learning to eat smaller meals more often that’s been the game changer for me. As well as helping my metabolism and keeping me energised, it’s helped stop my cravings, too.”

So, how do you feel these days, Carriann?

“I feel excited for the future. I’m looking forward to a long, healthy life and hopefully, a successful pregnancy.”

What’s your advice for anyone wondering if they should join WW?

“Just sign up or try a free trial in the WW app – that’s how I got started and I haven’t looked back. If it’s not for you, you haven’t lost anything but WW could change your life – it has for me.”